Comtruk Aluminum Cargo Beds with Operable Gates

Photo: Comtruk

The Comtruk Tri-Gate commercial bed and Sport Utility Bed (SUB) include folding, removable, and lockable gates. Cargo can be loaded from three sides, improving productivity and reducing fatigue.

Quickly and easily secure loads with the T-slot channel system integrated into the gates, floor, and adjustable rack bars. The T-slots accommodate standard fasteners and provide multiple options for tool and equipment mounting. Adjustable side steps and assist handles are available to permit easy bed access.

Made from industrial grade aluminum, Comtruk Tri-Gate beds and SUBs are strong and durable, yet light in weight. Heavy duty t-slots in the top side and underside of the bed floor, all four sides, and the inside and outside of the rack bars give complete control over how and where you strap down your load. With more flat floor space than a traditional truck bed, Comtruk beds hold a higher volume of load.