Depreciation: the constant battle faced by fleet managers everywhere. This one little word can eat up to 50% of your operating costs alone! Here are a few reasons why using an online remarketing program prioritizing safety and sustainability is the best strategy to combat fleet creep.

  1. Decrease your Depreciation

There has been a noticeable upswing in organizations turning to online marketplaces to recoup some of their fiscal losses. With an online auction program, you can list your vehicles “as is, where is” – allowing you to simultaneously minimize depreciation and maximize the resale value of your vehicles by listing them for sale immediately upon being declared surplus.

Vehicles and equipment sold “as is, where is” also eliminates the need for transportation and long-term warehousing. This reduces storage requirements by addressing all items on a regular or as-needed basis and decreases your incurred storage and possible repair fees.  

  1. Increase Your Control – and Safety

With 24/7 access, you decide when and how to list your surplus. Auction details are determined by you – lotting, timing, pictures, descriptions, and opening bid price. All items remain in your possession, removing the risk of misuse by a third party. Upon completion of your auctions, only the successful buyer travels to a physical location, as opposed to the many attending on sale day or for inspections.

With an online platform, you can instill social distancing guidelines directly into the pick-up process policy. Best practices would be to offer remote Bills of Sale, Registered Mail transfer of title, and a safe environment for transferring assets. A no touch pick-up process with buyers ensures that health and safety guidelines are observed; simply set an appointment that works for your schedule.

  1. Know Your True Value

Before accepting the trade-in amount for your end-of-use vehicles, test the value of those vehicles by listing them “as is, where is” at the quoted trade-in amount plus 10%. The results will speak for themselves, and you will know you optimized the value of the asset to your municipality. If it sells – you have realized the greatest return. If not – you have still realized the greatest return; either way, you now have invaluable and transparent proof to take to your board or committee.

  1. All the Tools. All in One Place.

A digital back office solution eliminates printed paperwork and the binders and filing cabinet storage that goes with it. A complete audit trail is permanently maintained and available in perpetuity. Take advantage of technology to sign bills of sale virtually and use an online payment collection program. Not only does this expedite the sales process, it also keeps both your staff and your buyers safe as part of your no-contact pick-up process.

  1. The Future is Digital

Online shopping is growing exponentially; weekly online consumer shopping has increased by 28% just since March. Online auctions have significantly changed the way equipment is bought and sold, offering a level of convenience for both buyers and sellers. Buyers now have the luxury of bidding on their own time and they don’t have to incur extra costs for traveling and inspecting items. With less physical barriers, online auctions provide a global platform for equipment to be resold, allowing you to take advantage of the steady demand for your remarketing program.

  1. BONUS! Sell Virtually Anything

With a complete online marketplace, you can list vehicles, equipment, and more – even your old shop! From everyday items like furniture and office equipment, to specialty items such as public works and industrial machinery, and even property and real estate sales, “as is, where is” surplus disposition programs keep your entire organization on the same page. Learn more at www.GovDeals.com.