All-new for the 2021 Kawasaki MULE™ lineup is a trio of Fleet Edition models that offer local governments, law enforcement agencies, and school facility services’ departments three new tough, durable fleet edition models to choose from, the two-row, six-passenger MULE PRO-DXT™ EPS FE, the two-row, four-passenger MULE™ 4010 Trans4x4® FE and the single-row, two-passenger MULE™ 4010 4X4 FE. They feature a plastic roof, high visibility orange seat belts, horn, and a universal key. Additionally, FE models are delivered in a Bright White color, allowing local government agencies to easily add their logo.

Kawasaki MULE’s have been utilized by local government agencies and colleges across the country to help patrol areas such as parks, campuses, downtown areas as well as other space restricted places a full-size vehicle may struggle to reach, helping to make faculty members patrolling, cleaning, and servicing more accessible and efficient to do their jobs.

“The MULE FE lineup is sure to become the most versatile tool in every government agency’s tool kit.” said Kawasaki Manager, Government and Fleet Sales, Michael Jacobs. “All of our MULE FE models are built Kawasaki STRONG to provide long-lasting durability and value. They are assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska from domestic and imported parts and are built to be the hardest worker in your agency”.


The MULE’s versatility is a strong point for many municipal groups, the cargo bed of the MULE can be used to transport materials on the jobsite as well as medical, tactical, or cleaning equipment, while its 2,000-pound towing capacity can be used to tow signs, barriers, and much more. For maximized efficiency the MULE PRO-DXT EPS FE features Kawasaki’s Trans Cab™ system that quickly transforms the spacious six-person, two-row cab to a single row, three-passenger machine with a steel floor bed, capable of handling 1,000 pounds of cargo in the bed and a 2,000-pound towing capacity.

The spacious six-passenger, two-row cab MULE PRO-DXT EPS FE is powered by a powerful 993cc three-cylinder diesel engine mated to a smooth CVT transmission with a 2,000-pound towing capacity, has four-wheel independent suspension, a 92.3” wheelbase, and speed-sensitive Electronic Power Steering (EPS). Because the MULE PRO-DXT utilizes the same fuel as other machines in the fleet meaning there can be a shared fuel source.


The two-row, four-passenger MULE 4010 Trans4x4 FE is powered by Kawasaki’s proven 617cc V-twin engine with electronic fuel injection and can tow 1,200 pounds. It features a large steel cargo bed that can haul up to 800 pounds in the two-person configuration, electronic power steering and an all-new steel rear screen.

The single-row, two-passenger MULE 4010 4X4 FE is powered by Kawasaki’s 617cc V-twin engine and equipped with a large (46.3” x 56.1” x 11.2”) steel cargo bed. This workhorse is a valuable tool with a 6.3-gallon fuel tank and is easy to operate with durable mechanical controls as well as the all-new steel rear screen.

Outside of the fleet edition models, Kawasaki also has a wide array of MULE utility vehicles to get any job done.  The Kawasaki MULE SX is a two-seat model that is small enough to fit in the bed of a full-size pickup truck, but powerful enough to up to haul 400 pounds in its all steel cargo bed or tow 1,100 pounds.

Kawasaki’s full MULE lineup offers individualized solutions for any department. For more information on the Kawasaki MULE Fleet Edition Models please visit www.kawasaki.com/GovernmentSales.