Mo. Municipality Fire Department Orders Four Pierce Pumpers, Ascendant 110’ Aerial Platform

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Pierce Manufacturing Inc. has secured an order from Cottleville Fire Protection District located in St. Charles County, Missouri. Sold through Pierce dealer MacQueen Emergency, the order includes four Pierce Velocity Pumpers and an Ascendant 110’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Platform on a Velocity chassis. The new fire apparatus will replace aging trucks, and will allow the Cottleville Fire Protection District to establish improved standardization with an entirely Pierce fleet.

Researching, specifying, and subsequently purchasing apparatus during a pandemic presented a new level of complexity few were prepared to handle.

“As we researched the best fire apparatus for our district, multiple fire districts and departments were on lockdown and limiting outside visitors. We absolutely had to test drive, pump, and operate an Ascendant 110’ single rear axle platform to make an informed decision, and our sales team worked diligently through the situation to deliver a demonstrator truck as promised," said Craig Tihen, assistant chief of the Cottleville Fire Protection District.

Cottleville Fire Protection District’s new fire apparatus will feature:

Pierce Velocity Pumpers

  • Velocity chassis
  • 700-gallon water tank
  • Pierce PUC 1500 gpm single-stage pump
  • Detroit Diesel DD13 525 hp engine
  • TAK-4 Independent Suspension
  • Side roll and frontal impact protection
  • HiViz electronic LED headlights with halo flashing system, Will-Burt light tower, and Whelen warning light system
  • Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure (CARE) cab customization including vinyl seats and aluminum floor 

Ascendant 110’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Platform

  • Velocity chassis with a 110’ heavy-duty steel ladder platform
  • 500-gallon water tank
  • 1500 gpm pump
  • Detroit Diesel DD13 525 hp engine
  • TAK-4 Independent Suspension
  • Side roll and frontal impact protection
  • Single rear axle configuration
  • Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure (CARE) cab customization including vinyl seats and aluminum floor

Chief Tihen added, “We chose this configuration for its balanced compromise between apparatus size, options, and capacity. The 189” rescue body provides us ample storage for equipment with 700 gallons of water and a safely positioned hose bed, all while providing a short wheelbase for exceptional maneuverability.”

The Cottleville Fire Protection District covers 38 square miles of St. Charles County, Mo., and is located just northwest of St. Louis. The district responds to over 3,800 service calls per year out of four fire stations. With three shifts working a 48/96 rotation, the District employs 58 full-time personnel.

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