Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Powered Docking Stations are designed for the mobile worker that typically works outside the office including those in the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing fields. 

Gamber-Johnson’s tablet docking stations and cradles for the new Samsung Galaxy TabActive3 are backward compatible with the Samsung Galaxy TabActive2 – allowing the docking solutions to easily support fleets with both devices. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2/Active3 docking stations, when used along with Gamber-Johnson’s complete line of mounting solutions, are designed to be used in police cars, ambulances, utility trucks, semi-trucks, forklifts, and warehouses. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2/Active3 product assortment consists of several different options to meet users specific needs including: a lightweight and cost effective cradle, a bare wire, cigarette adapter, and MP205 docking stations with dual USB ports to power the keyboard or other peripherals, and two variations of charging cradles with different latching mechanisms, both designed to ensure your device remains protected in challenging environments. 

Originally posted on Work Truck Online