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Do you repair/maintain vehicles for other public entities (i.e., insource)?

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Do you agree with the L.A. County Sheriff's policy banning computer use by deputies while driving?

Yes, deputies should be subject to the same laws as the public (51.9%)
Yes, it will reduce accidents and collision repair costs (28.6%)
No, it will restrict deputies from job functions such as running plates (19.5%)

Are you having problems hiring and retaining technicians?

A. Yes, we have problems hiring technicians (26.1%)
B. Yes, we have problems retaining technicians (2.2%)
C. Yes, we have problems with both (39.1%)
D. No (32.6%)

Do you use cooperative agreements to purchase vehicles?

A. No, we don’t (12.9%)
B. Yes, we primarily use purchasing contracts from other cities and counties (9.4%)
C. Yes, we primarily use the state contract (62.4%)
D. Yes, we primarily use the federal contract (1.2%)
E. Yes, we primarily use a contract by another group or association, such as WSCA, NJPA, HGAC, National IPA, etc. (14.1%)

Have you added tablets to police vehicles to replace rugged laptops?

Yes, we have added tablets to the entire fleet (18.2%)
Yes, we've added them on a significant number of vehicles (0%)
Yes, on a pilot program (0%)
We're now considering it (36.4%)
No, we haven't considered it (45.5%)

Are you currently understaffed?

Yes, on the shop floor (21.6%)
Yes, in the office (21.6%)
Yes, in both the office and in the shop (54.1%)
No, we are fully staffed (2.7%)

What would be the primary benefit of a telematics/vehicle tracking system in your fleet?

Reduction of fuel costs (15%)
Increasing safe driving behavior (20%)
More accurate data about fleet utilization (20%)
Help meeting sustainability goals (5%)
Vehicle location tracking (30%)
Improved maintenance management (10%)

Do you think armored vehicles are necessary in a police fleet?

Yes, and we have one/some in the fleet (27.8%)
Yes, but we don't have any in the fleet (24.1%)
No, but we have one/some in the fleet (20.3%)
No, and we don't have any in the fleet (25.3%)
Unsure (2.5%)

What did you feel was most valuable at this year's GFX?

Educational sessions (15.4%)
Exhibit hall (61.5%)
Networking opportunities (23.1%)

Did your agency stockpile Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor sedans? If so, have you chosen a police vehicle?

Yes, Chevrolet Caprice PPV (7.3%)
Yes, Dodge Charger Pursuit (20.8%)
Yes, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (18.8%)
Yes, Ford Police Interceptor Utility (25%)
Not yet (7.3%)
We did not stockpile (20.8%)

Have you been able to re-use any of the equipment from the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?

Lightbars (6.9%)
Partitions (27.8%)
Consoles (13.9%)
Audio/Video (20.8%)
Mounts/Docking Stations (18.1%)
None (12.5%)


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