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Have you been able to re-use any of the equipment from the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?

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What is your view of President Obama’s executive order to improve truck fuel efficiency?

A. Favorable; the OEMs should be producing trucks with better fuel efficiency (29.3%)
B. Unfavorable; this will increase vehicle acquisition costs (67.1%)
C. Undecided (3.7%)

Will government fleets adopt Ford's 2015 aluminum F-150 pickup?

Yes (59.2%)
No (20.4%)
It's too early to tell (20.4%)

Does your fleet outsource its parts room?

A. No, the fleet manages its own parts room (56.7%)
B. No, but we are considering outsourcing (13.5%)
C. Yes, it is currently outsourced to an outside vendor (29.8%)

What has been your experience with retread tires?

A. We use them (59.4%)
B. We do not use them (32.8%)
C. We used them in the past but don’t anymore (7.8%)
D. We’re considering using them (0%)

Have you had the time and funding to obtain training for technicians within the last 12 months?

A. Yes, we've dedicated time and money to technician training (61.3%)
B. No, but technicians have obtained training on their own time and paid for it themselves (4.8%)
C. No, we haven't had the funding (9.7%)
D. No, we've been too short-staffed to send technicians to training (6.5%)
E. No, we haven't had time or funding (17.7%)

Are you concerned your government entity is considering outsourcing fleet maintenance?

A. Yes (45.6%)
B. No (54.4%)

Do you have a succession plan in place for fleet?

A. Yes (53.8%)
B. No (38.5%)
C. We're developing one (7.7%)

Are you using telematics systems for your fleet?

A. We are using telematics in many or all of our fleet vehicles. (23.1%)
B. We are piloting telematics in some vehicles. (26.9%)
C. We are looking into it. (34.6%)
D. We have not considered it yet. (3.8%)
E. We have decided against using it for now. (3.8%)
F. We used to have telematics devices but removed them. (7.7%)

What is your agency’s police take-home vehicle policy for new officers?

A. Officers take home vehicles with no restrictions. (16.9%)
B. Officers take home vehicles if they live in the same city/county/area. (27.1%)
C. Officers take home vehicles if they pay a portion of the cost. (6.8%)
D. Officers take home vehicles with other restrictions. (15.3%)
E. Officers do not take home vehicles. (30.5%)
F. Unsure. (3.4%)

What are your thoughts on using E-85 to fuel your fleet?

A. We are currently using E-85 in some of our fleet vehicles and are happy with it. (32.3%)
B. We are currently using E-85 but are not happy with it. (12.9%)
C. We are considering using E-85. (4.8%)
D. We are not using E-85 because there are few or no nearby fueling stations. (27.4%)
E. We are not using E-85 because we have no E-85-capable vehicles. (1.6%)
F. We are not using E-85 because we have concerns about it. (21%)
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