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EcoPower - Protect Our Land and Water

Apr 5, 2012 | 861 views


City of Claremont - Training

Nov 1, 2011 | 397 views


City of Claremont - Fueling Station

Nov 1, 2011 | 862 views


City of Claremont - Interview

Nov 1, 2011 | 423 views


City of Inglewood - Interview

Nov 1, 2011 | 336 views


City of Inglewood - Motor Pool Kiosk

Nov 1, 2011 | 444 views


City of Inglewood - Electric Vehicles

Nov 1, 2011 | 587 views


City of Inglewood - Training Area

Nov 1, 2011 | 333 views


GreenRoad: Focusing on the Driver

Oct 28, 2011 | 1493 views


City of Inglewood - Fueling Station

Sep 27, 2011 | 838 views


City of Inglewood - Maintenance Facility

Sep 27, 2011 | 398 views


City of Claremont - Light Shop

Sep 27, 2011 | 414 views


City of Claremont - Fuelmaster Fueling System

Sep 27, 2011 | 1138 views


Accident Up Ahead Leads to Close Call

Sep 15, 2011 | 486 views

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Greg Carson is the director of fleet operations for Chicago-based Union Leasing.

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Thi Dao
Addressing the Recruiting Problem

By Thi Dao
Fleet managers are taking steps to combat the technician recruiting problem, and these steps are adding up to results.

Fleet Greening in Trump's America

By Thi Dao

Managing a Police Fleet

Paul Clinton
How Ford's Hybrid Patrol Car Is Different

By Paul Clinton
Ford's Police Responder Hybrid Sedan offers several important differences from other retail hybrid cars that should make it well suited for the demands of a police duty cycle, while also providing lower costs to operate.

A Sure Bet for Reducing Distracted Police Driving

By Paul Clinton

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
Perception vs. Facts

By Facundo Tassara
As I am sure everyone has seen in the last several months, perception versus facts (even alternative facts) have been all around us. Unfortunately, it seems fact’s stock has taken a hit and perception, as a mechanism for making decisions, has gone up.

New Year's Resolution

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Stephane Babcock
2017 Genesis G90

By Stephane Babcock
The Genesis G90 sets itself apart with the interior, drivetrain, and sleek exterior. It has a look and feel inside and out that will satisfy most luxury car cravings.

2017 Ram 2500 Tradesman

By Mike Antich

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

By Sherb Brown
Fleet managers should stay current with new developments in the auto industry but stay grounded in reality to keep their fleets efficient and prepared for the future.

Yes Virginia, There is Depreciation

By Sherb Brown