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North Carolina and New Mexico to Transition State Fleets to Biodiesel

November 30, 2005
’s use of alternative fuels. It also extends to 2011 a 35 percent tax credit for renewable energy

Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces New Fleet of Caltrans Vehicles Powered by Biodiesel Fuel

June 6, 2007
and is expected to more than triple the size of California’s renewable fuels market, displace 20 percent

Wash. Gov. Honors University Motor Pool for Pollution Prevention

November 29, 2004
of renewable and recycled materials, conserved energy and switched to renewable energy sources, conserved water

SANBAG and Ryder Begin Natural Gas Truck Rental and Leasing Project

August 9, 2010
and Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Program. The DOE and Energy Commission are focused on accelerating

Ethanol Boom Could Boost U.S. Natural Gas Prices

April 25, 2007
come on line, total capacity will be above 12 billion gallons per year, according to the Renewable

Terex Utilities Receives Grant from California Energy Commission
Terex Utilities Receives Grant from California Energy Commission

July 28, 2010
in electricity created by renewable energy resources and has been at the forefront in energy efficiency

Replacement Mileage Creeping Up for Public Safety Agencies

March 1, 2007
legislature will renew the program for another five years during 2007. In Montgomery County, Texas

NYC and State of New Jersey Expand Alt-Fuel Fleets

March 1, 2007
are clean. B-5 (5-percent biodiesel) is a good starter to gain confidence with this renewable fuel. NYC

Going Green Creates Bond Between NAFA and NYC

June 11, 2008
and Equipment Show on May 29 at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  The show built upon a renewed

City of Philly Selects ZipCar

June 11, 2008
to the City will begin on July 1, 2008 and continue through March 31, 2009 and may be renewed for three