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City of Santa Rosa Signs $5M Fuel Contract

September 14, 2011
-year contract, with three one-year renewal options, for gasoline and diesel fuel. The City signed the contract

Figuring Out Fuel Contracts
Figuring Out Fuel Contracts

June 1, 2014
-year options for renewal — 10 years in all. “We wanted to have a length that made vendors aware

Industry Groups Address Expanding Biodiesel Use
Industry Groups Address Expanding Biodiesel Use

July 1, 2008
billion gallons of renewable fuel in 2022, nearly five times the 2012 target of 7.5 billion gallons

Planning Agency Says National City, Calif., Can Save by Replacing Existing Vehicles With Alt-Fuel Models

January 30, 2013
alt-fuel vehicle types, including plug‐in electric vehicles, biodiesel, and renewable natural gas

Bright Ideas: Fuel Management
Bright Ideas: Fuel Management

June 30, 2010
original goal in half the time, the City set a new target to use 30-percent renewable energy across all

U.S. Army, Gov’t Fleets Gather for Electric Vehicle Showcase
U.S. Army, Gov’t Fleets Gather for Electric Vehicle Showcase

June 10, 2010
, and ATVs at the Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium, this week at the U.S. Army Research, Development

U.S. Department of Transportation Fleet Fuel Standard Review

June 4, 2008
to Also according

Washington County Reviewing Take-Home Vehicles

October 12, 2009
officials have been assessing the number of vehicles used by county employees with a renewed focus on where

Alternative Fuel Trade Alliance to Hold Workshop in Denver

September 2, 2010
. It is sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council, the Renewable Fuels Association, the National

Yard Waste to Fuel Naperville Fleet

June 1, 2009
on residents' yard clippings under a plan to produce renewable energy, according