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Report: Gasoline Vehicles to Remain Dominant in 2040

December 23, 2013
to meet the renewable fuels standard. The phase-out of corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) credits

Planning Agency Says National City, Calif., Can Save by Replacing Existing Vehicles With Alt-Fuel Models

January 30, 2013
alt-fuel vehicle types, including plug‐in electric vehicles, biodiesel, and renewable natural gas

New Work Engines of Tomorrow
New Work Engines of Tomorrow

November 1, 2008
found in landfills and other sources, natural gas is a renewable, abundant domestic fuel

Avista Service Trucks to Use Biodiesel

September 8, 2009
. Avista has been offsetting the electricity the cars use with renewable power generated through solar

Jefferson County Unveils New Hybrid Snowplow

December 11, 2009
. The snowplow is part of County Commissioners' Renewable Energy Initiative, which aims to save energy, sustain

Long Island Power Authority Adds Two Hybrid Bucket Trucks to Fleet

February 8, 2010
renewable technology," said LIPA President and CEO Kevin Law. "These trucks will provide many green benefits

Terex Utilities Receives Grant from California Energy Commission
Terex Utilities Receives Grant from California Energy Commission

July 28, 2010
in electricity created by renewable energy resources and has been at the forefront in energy efficiency