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Grand Jury Report Scolds Los Angeles County for Luxury Fleet Cars

LOS ANGELES – At a time when many Los Angeles County residents are grappling with the squeeze of an economic downturn, dozens of top county government officials are driving luxury vehicles that cost taxpayers as much as $50,000 per vehicle.

Cochise County Practicing ‘Green’ Fleet Practices Before it Was ‘Right’

BISBEE, AZ – A recent study released by Duke University reports that Americans should take a more realistic look at the actual efficiency of fuel consumption in vehicles.

As Costs Rise, Cities Move to Curb Take-Home Vehicles

BOSTON - With gas at $4 and change, at least five of the North region’s largest municipalities are looking to curb the use of take-home vehicles and other city-owned autos.

Top Massachusetts Communities for Hybrid Vehicles

WORCESTER, MA – Record-high gas prices across the country are fueling the urge for car owners to identify ways to reduce their gas consumption. Citizens of Commonwealth of Massachusetts are considering hybrid vehicles.

City of Houston Gets 500th Hybrid Vehicle

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The City of Houston has welcomed its 500th hybrid vehicle, and more are on the way. The city’s fleet includes 334 Toyota Prius models, 164 Ford Escapes, and two Honda Insights.


Webster Receives APWA CPFP Certification

NORFOLK, VA – CCG Systems, Inc. congratulates Fleet Management Director John Webster of Salt Lake County, Utah for recently becoming a Certified Public Fleet Professional through the American Public Works Association (APWA).

New Conference Takes Fleet Professionals Behind the Scenes of Going Green

TORRANCE, CA – Bobit Business Media, a leading business-to-business media company, recently announced a new two-day conference for fleet professionals, the Green Fleet Conference. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on September 15-16, 2008.

Brookhaven to Cut Back its 780-Vehicle Town Fleet

BROOKHAVEN, NY - Brookhaven’s 780-vehicle fleet will be reduced and better managed, an effort that will save taxpayers more than $1 million in fuel and maintenance costs.

Burlington County Cuts Vehicle Fleet by 10 Percent

PHILADELPHIA – The Burlington County government has trimmed its vehicle fleet by 10 percent, a move that represents about $350,000 in gas, maintenance, and insurance savings, according to the head of the county Board of Freeholders.

Cape Girardeau County Considers Deal With Rental Car Company

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO – The Cape Girardeau County Commission was approached by Enterprise Rent-A-Car with a proposal to help cut traveling costs for county officials by renting cars.

GSA Authorized to Help State and Local Governments Purchase Equipment

WASHINGTON– The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has been authorized to help state and local governments purchase homeland security equipment, such as alarm systems, facility management systems, and law enforcement and firefighting equipment.

Town of Greenwich Says Biodiesel ‘Way Too Expensive,’ Shelves Plan for Green Fleet

GREENWICH, CT – High costs have forced the town of Greenwich to abandon plans to run half of its fleet on a soy-based biodiesel fuel.

Buffalo Slashes Number of Employees Eligible for Take-Home Vehicles

BUFFALO, NY – Dozens of Buffalo city employees who have enjoyed take-home car privileges for years will no longer have vehicles for 24/7 use.

City of Richmond Moves to Outsource Vehicle Services

RICHMOND, VA – The City of Richmond is considering turning over its public vehicles to private maintenance and management.

OPW Introduces its New COMMANDO Flexible Connector

CINCINNATI – OPW Fueling Components has announced the global availability of its new COMMANDO Stainless-Steel Flexible Connector.

ConocoPhillips Lubricants Announces Upgraded TO-4 Fluids

HOUSTON, TEXAS – ConocoPhillips Lubricants has upgraded its TO-4 transmission oil products line to meet the increasing demands for higher performance fluids in today’s heavy-duty machinery.

City of Burlington Passes Plan to ‘Green’ Fleet of Vehicles

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA – The City of Burlington city council has approved its first-ever plan to green its corporate fleet of vehicles.

GSA to Announce Fleet Card Contractor

DALLAS – The General Services Administration (GSA) is expected to announce which bank it will choose to provide its fleet cards.

Dallas County Fleet Comes Criticized for Operation of Gas Guzzlers

DALLAS – Dallas County’s alternative-fuel vehicle fleet has come under fire.

Nebraska Putting State Money in Ethanol

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska plans to buy dozens more flex-fuel vehicles that can run on fuel that is 85 percent ethanol.

Rockland Examines Use of Vehicles and Fuel Fraud

WEST HARRISON, N.Y. – There are pumps in Rockland where gas costs as little as $3.53 a gallon. But only county employees can fill up there.

Police Dept. Fleets Implement Fuel Reduction Initiatives

CHAMPAIGN, IL – With the price of fuel nearing $4 a gallon, Champaign, Ill., Sheriff Dan Walsh told patrol deputies this spring to choose a location, put the vehicle in park, turn off the engine, and sit there for at least an hour a shift, if possible, to reduce the amount of gas deputies were consuming.

New York’s Orange County’s Fleet Considers Going Green

GOSHEN, N.Y. — Lawmakers may push for more fuel-efficient vehicles in New York’s Orange County government fleet but are debating how specific they should be in their guidelines.

City of Toledo Fleet Is Examining Ways to Cut its Fuel Costs

TOLEDO, OHIO – The City of Toledo is looking for ways to save fuel costs and possibly economize the way garbage trucks are sent through the city.

California Fines City of Pasadena Over Fleet Diesel Vehicle Inspections

PASADENA, CA – The California Air Resources Board officials have slapped Pasadena with the $23,250 fine for not properly inspecting emissions from its fleet of diesel vehicles.


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