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The Use of Alachua County Cars Is in Spotlight

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL – Alachua County spokesman Mark Sexton was at the center of attention at Alachua County Commission meeting over an accident in which he was driving a county car while on vacation and hit a man crossing a Miami Beach street on a Christmas night in 2006

To Save Fuel, Westchester County Uses Veggie Oil

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Motivated by budget considerations, environmental concerns, and the desire for American energy independence, a handful of local governments have begun to fuel their vehicles with waste vegetable oil.

Thieves Take Eateries’ Oil

KANSAS CITY, MO – A national crime trend has slid into the metropolitan area. For months, a thief in Mission struck Popeyes restaurant in the night and took hundreds of pounds of used grease — a former waste product turned gold because it can power vehicle engines.

Steve Kane fills up his Pasco County Utilities truck at the county’s filling station in New Port Richey.

Pasco County Fleet of 2,100 Goes $2 Million Over Gas Budget

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL – Pasco County will spend an estimated $7 million on fuel this year for its 2,100 vehicles versus the $5 million budgeted.

Knox County Regulates Use of Take-Home Vehicles

KNOXVILLE, TEXAS – 6 News recently followed up on comments posted in a 6 Listens Question pertaining to the 150 vehicle take-home fleet used by Knox County government.

Going Green Saves Money for City of Reading

READING, PA – Reading is getting an energy makeover. In the last year, the town has reduced its energy use by five percent by dimming lights, minimizing or eliminating air-conditioning in public hallways, and overhauling its municipal fleet.

Montgomery County Assigns New Fleet Manager

NORRISTOWN, PA – Montgomery County government has appointed Thomas Schneider as its new fleet manager.

City of Lake Jackson's Vehicles Yield Unexpected Savings

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS – Lake Jackson city officials were trying to leave a lighter footprint when they started purchasing compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles six years ago. Today, the benefits of that decision also include reduced fuel costs.

City of Newark Might Decrease City Fleet

NEWARK, N.J. – Newark City Council Ways and Means Committee is looking into cutting expenses by considering the number of necessary city vehicles.

Northumberland County Hopes to Save $30,000 a Year With Fuel Management Program

SUNBURY, PA – Northumberland County could save up to $30,000 a year by implementing a fuel management program for its 120-vehicle fleet.

City of Bremerton’s Take-Home Vehicles Prove to be Costly

BREMERTON, WA – An audit has found that the City of Bremerton spends more to let its employees drive city-owned cars to and from work than comparably-sized municipalities with similar “take-home car” programs.

Polk County Taking Steps to Conserve Fuel and Cut Costs

BARTOW, FL – In a cost-saving initiative, the Polk County government is taking several steps to reduce the impact of high fuel costs for its more than 1,600 fleet vehicles.

Researchers Map Deadliest Roads

MINNEAPOLIS, MN --- You can now identify the deadliest road in your town or daily commute through an online interactive map program.

Town of Mt. Olive Motor Vehicle Fleet Goes High Voltage

MT. OLIVE, N.C. – The Town of Mount Olive officials have unveiled a $12,000 electric mini truck, which can run 40 miles on a single overnight charge.

Maximus Announces Integration Between FleetFocus and Zonar Systems

RESTON, VA – MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management (EAM) software and automated fuel systems, announced a collaboration with Zonar Systems to offer an integrated inspection and maintenance package.

PNG Ventures Wins LNG Supply Contract for the City of Phoenix

DALLAS - PNG Ventures, Inc. recently announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Applied LNG Technologies USA, LLC has executed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply contract with the City of Phoenix, Ariz.

State Of Minnesota DOT Awards Contract to MAXIMUS

RESTON, VA - MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management software and automated fueling management solutions, recently announced that it has received a Statewide fuel system order from the State of Minnesota, Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

Fort Wayne Adds Three Three-Wheeled Scooters to Fleet

FORT WAYNE, IN – The Fort Wayne Police Department has bought three three-wheeled electric scooters as a way to help patrol downtown while cutting down on the cost of gas.

City of Austin Adds More Hybrids to Fleet

AUSTIN, TEXAS - The City of Austin is buying 20 additional new hybrid Ford Escape SUVs to add to its fleet.

City of Boise to Adopt Policy to Save Fuel

BOISE, IDAHO - Police officers and other city staffers are working to reduce the amount of time their cars idle to save gas and curb pollution.

Long Beach Police Department to Go Green With 10 Priuses

LONG BEACH, CA – The Long Beach Police Department has added 10 Toyota Priuses to its fleet, and will be replacing additional vehicles in the fleet with Priuses as older vehicles are routinely retired.

City of Richmond, Va., Awards Contract for Fleet Management Software to Maximus

RESTON, VA – MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management software and automated fueling management solutions, has signed a contract with the City of Richmond.

Fleet Manager Saves Manatee County Millions

BRADENTON, FL – Manatee County, located in Bradenton, is led by a spirited and undaunted fleet leader, Michael Brennan who has helped drive down operating costs.

Possible Improper Use of Vehicles From Oregon State Motor Pool

SALEM, OR – There have been a few rumblings about what may be an increase in the number of state employees using Oregon fleet vehicles for their personal gain.

CCG/FASTER Nominated for Employer Support Freedom Award

NORFOLK, VA – CCG Systems, Inc. has been nominated for Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award given by the US Department of Defense.

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