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Illinois DOT Recognized for Green Efforts

SPRINGFIELD, IL - The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has been recognized for its progress in 2009 to become a more sustainable agency.

NY Fire Dept. to Add More Trucks to Fleet

HOLDEN, LA - The City of New York has awarded another large contract to supply the New York City Fire Department five heavy rescue trucks.

Grand Junction City Approves New CNG Truck Purchases

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - The new compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks will be the first four CNG vehicles in the City's fleet, and is the first stage in the City moving toward CNG and away from foreign oil dependency.

City of Ann Arbor Sets Out to Cut Petroleum Use by 30%

ANN ARBOR, MI - With a goal of reducing its fleet's petroleum reduction by 10 percent by 2012, the City's Green Fleets program has more than exceeded its original goal and has set a new goal to achieve a 30 percent reduction goal by the end of 2010.

City of Irving Undergoes Changes to Fleet Structure

IRVING, TX - With a number of employees retiring and/or leaving the City, the City of Irving has shifted a number of responsibilities that affect the city fleet.

San Antonio Police Pair Up in Cars to Save Money

SAN ANTONIO - In an effort to cut costs, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus initiated a three-phase plan to take 74 patrol cars off the streets and save more than $1.05 million.

Grants Helps Fitchburg Fire Dept. Keep Fleet Updated

FITCHBURG, MA - With a $2 million cut in state aid last year, the Fitchburg Fire Department will greatly benefit from two grants that will help its fleet and staff remain intact.

Central Truck Center Inc. Awarded GSA Contract

LANDOVER, MD - Central Truck Center Inc. has been awarded a GSA medium- and heavy-duty contract. The company provides new and used heavy- and medium-duty box, dump, and tractor trailers.

ACUA Expects Savings with Electric-Powered Pickup

EGG HARBOR TWP, NJ - The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) unveiled a zero-emission electric Ford Ranger pickup truck for its light-duty fleet.

Dodge Co. Sheriff's Office Implements New Fuel Program

EASTMAN, GA - In addition to boosting efficiency and cutting costs, the new fuel program also serves as a public relations tool since employees can now fill up at major gas stations and speak with local residents while fueling up.

California Revs Up Plug-In Hybrid Trial Project

SACRAMENTO - In an effort to study plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) performance, the California Department of General Services will take part in a two-year experiment to determine the benefits of driving PHEVs.

City of Rockford Gets 3 Grants for New Vehicles

ROCKFORD, IL - Thanks to three federal grants, the City of Rockford will be able to "retire" a portion of their aging fleet of vehicles and replace them with new squad cars.

Automotive Lift Institute Offers Updated Vehicle Lifting Points Guide for Frame-Engaging Lifts

CORTLAND, NY - For this new edition, the 2010 model year vehicles were added, some older images were revised, and additional cautionary notes were provided.

Blue Star Gas Joins Alliance AutoGas to Provide Propane Conversions and Fueling on the West Coast

SANTA ROSA, CA - As an Alliance AutoGas partner, Blue Star will work with West Coast public and private vehicle fleets to convert vehicles from conventional gasoline to propane AutoGas.

Ulster County Spends $347K Annually on Vehicle Reimbursement

KINGSTON, NY - Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach says the county is spending more than it should to reimburse employees for the use of their personal vehicles on the job.

Dept. of Homeland Security Expands Fleet Technology

WASHINGTON - The agency's newly deployed mobile resource management system is designed to manage remote fleets in real time, reduce operating costs, and enhance the safety and security of assets.

Missing Nassau County Vehicles Must be Returned, Says Official

MINEOLA, NY - One-hundred and twenty of the 192 Nassau County vehicles reported missing last month have been "located", but the rest are still unaccounted for.

D.C. Fleet Staff Suspected of Overtime Abuse

WASHINGTON - The Department of Public Works exceeded its 2009 fiscal budget for overtime by nearly $1 million, with the bulk of the questionable overtime payments attributed to the solid waste and fleet management administrations.

Commercial Drivers Banned from Texting While Driving

WASHINGTON - Effective Jan. 26, all drivers of commercial vehicles such as large trucks and buses are prohibited from texting while driving, with a civil or criminal penalty up to $2,750.

State of Oklahoma Implements GPS Tracking

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma has awarded a statewide service contract for 1,100 existing devices, GPS tracking devices, GPS tracking devices with remote diagnostics capabilities, and special use GPS tracking devices for trailers and other asset tracking purposes.

Smith Electric Vehicles Awarded GSA Schedule

WASHINGTON - Smith's all-electric, fuel- and emissions-free commercial trucks are now available for purchase by U.S. government agencies and military forces.

USDA & Navy Work to Boost Military Biofuel Use

WASHINGTON - Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Navy have signed a memorandum of understanding intended to increase the use of biofuels and alternative energy in the military.

Yokohama to Increase Prices on Light & Medium-Duty Tires

FULLERTON, CA - Yokohama Tire Corporation announced it will increase prices on its light and medium commercial truck tires by up to 7 percent, effective March 1.

Last Chance to Nominate 2010 Public Sector Fleet Manager

TORRANCE, CA - Nominations for Government Fleet's 2010 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award ends Friday, Jan. 29.

NYC Mayor Announces Plans to Boost Fleet Efficiency

NEW YORK CITY - With a $4 billion budget deficit looming, Mayor Bloomberg revealed his proposals for saving the City of New York money.

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