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SC's Next Treasurer Says No State Car for Officers

COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina's next treasurer says no statewide officer should drive a taxpayer-funded ride, calling it an unnecessary perk for politicians amid deep budget cuts.

Sarasota Examines Police Vehicle Take-Home Policy

SARASOTA, FL - As they search for ways to help cut costs, Sarasota city commissioners want further examination of a nine-year-old Police Department policy. The police cruiser take-home policy will undergo a thorough examination.

City Charges Officers to Drive Patrol Cars Home

GASTONIA, NC - A new vehicle policy for City of Gastonia, N.C., has police officers paying to take their patrol vehicles home after each shift. The Gastonia City Council recently voted to charge 15 cents per mile for officers with patrol vehicles who live inside the city limits, and 20 cents per mile for miles driven outside the city limits.

Largest Flex-Fuel Fleet in US Welcomes E-85 Station

NORFOLK, VA - The Naval Station Norfolk and Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), along with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Protec Fuel, welcomed the opening of an E-85 fueling station in Norfolk, Va., with a ribbon cutting grand opening ceremony on July 30. The station now provides fuel to the Navy fleet and city fleets, as well as the public.

Raleigh Police Adds Motorcycles to Fleet

RALEIGH, NC - The Raleigh police department added nine 2009 BMW R1200RT-P police motorcycles to its motor fleet, expected to be out on the streets by mid-August.

Spartanburg County Retrofits Trucks to Reduce Diesel Emissions

SPARTANBURG, SC - Spartanburg County took its first step on July 27 in improving the air quality of its diesel truck fleet. When the work is complete, nine on-road diesel trucks — 13 percent of the county's on-road diesel fleet — will be retrofitted with a filter and electric heater system that reduces particulate emissions.

Bid Delay Keeps Cameras out of Dozens of Dallas Police Cars

DALLAS - Dallas is rolling out about 60 new police cars without the dash-cam recorders that have played a pivotal role in holding officers accountable for how they do their jobs.

Chevrolet Takes Orders for Caprice in October & January

DETROIT - Chevrolet will begin taking orders for the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) detective package in October and the police package in January 2011. The detective package will be delivered beginning April and the police package in June.

Georgia Cities and Counties Benefit from Commute Option

ATLANTA - With various public sector employers facing financial challenges, government employers are implementing new strategies to save money. In Georgia, cities and counties are seeing benefits from alternative work arrangements, idling reduction, and a commute options program, according to the Atlanta-based Clean Air Campaign.

New York City Aims to Save $71M in Fleet Costs

NEW YORK - A report from the New York City Mayor’s Office of Operations includes recommendations estimated to save $71 million in fleet costs in four years by streamlining city fleet management, centralizing operations, cutting fuel use, and decreasing fleet size, among other measures.

Sacramento Auditor Investigates City Fleet

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento’s new city auditor Jorge Oseguera has narrowed down the top four areas of municipal government he will investigate first, one of which is the city’s fleet management.

Obama Expands Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target for Federal Operations

WASHINGTON - President Obama announced July 20 that the federal government will reduce greenhouse gas pollution from indirect sources, such as employee travel and commuting, by 13 percent by 2020.

Twelve medium- and heavy-duty utility service vehicles will be equipped with the Terex HyPower Hybrid System.

Terex Utilities Receives Grant from California Energy Commission

WATERTOWN, SD - The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently announced approval of nearly $500,000 in funds for a California Terex HyPower Hybrid retrofit project. The project, scheduled to be completed in January 2012, will retrofit 12 medium- and heavy-duty utility service vehicles with the Terex HyPower Hybrid System.

NETS Announces the 2010 Drive Safely Work Week Campaign

VIENNA, VA - The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation announced the launch of "Drive Safely Work Week 2010: Focus... Safe Driving is Serious Business," Oct. 4-8.

Chattanooga Considers Fees for Take-Home Cars

CHATTANOOGA, TN - The debate over take-home cars for Chattanooga employees — especially police officers — ranges from adding take-home cars to the fleet to getting rid of the take-home cars altogether to charging employees for using them. City Council requested in early July that the mayor’s office and finance department study a recurring or mileage-based user fee for city employees who use take-home cars.

County No Longer Getting Gas From City

GREENSBORO, NC - An IRS ruling stated that it wasn't legal for counties or cities to sell gas to other entities, public or private.

Alt-Fuel Workshop Includes Test Drive of Propane-Fueled F-250

WASHINGTON - PERC and the other members of the Alternative Fuel Trade Alliance continued their nationwide training program on alternative fuel at a workshop for fleet managers on July 23 in Casa Grande, Ariz.

Palm Springs Receives $60,000 Grant for Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

PALM SPRINGS, CA - The City of Palm Springs announced on July 21 its Office of Sustainability has received at $60,000 grant from the Coachella Valley Air Quality Enhancement Grant Program for a new Electric Vehicle Pilot Program.

St. Joseph County Mulls Changing Buy-American Policy

SOUTH BEND, IN - Two 2010 Priuses made in Japan have been at the center of a debate about whether St. Joseph County should purchase vehicles made outside the United States. The decision on whether or not to purchase the vehicles now rests with the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners.

Telogis Mobile with Telogis Layers GIS Data Overlay Technology map utility poles.

Telogis Launches Telogis Layers to Provide Simple GIS Overlay Data

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Telogis Inc., provider of the unified platform for location intelligence, has launched Telogis Layers, allowing organizations to quickly and easily integrate any custom GIS data into their existing Telogis solutions.

Fleet Deal May Lead to City-County Merger

PITTSBURGH - City officials say a proposed five-year, $36 million deal to manage and maintain Pittsburgh's fleet of 1,000 vehicles won't save money, but opens the door for a city-county merger of such services.

Atlanta City Worker Accused of Stealing Gasoline

ATLANTA - An Atlanta Public Works employee is under criminal investigation after the city accused him of stealing gasoline from city gas pumps reserved for city fleet vehicles.

Moline Fleet Recognized by City Officials for Best Fleets Ranking

MOLINE, IL - Fleet manager J.D. Schulte and his staff were honored by City of Moline Committee-of-the-Whole on Tuesday for their No. 10 ranking of top public sector fleets, announced at the recent Government Fleet Expo & Conference in Austin, Texas.

Lakewood Saves Money by Fixing Up Squad Cars

LAKEWOOD, WA - Lakewood police are refurbishing some of their squad cars rather than buying new ones, a decision that could save the city $15,000 per upgraded car and help the vehicles handle better on the street.

Portland Passes Electric Vehicle Policy

PORTLAND, OR - The Portland City Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday to enact a new plan for electric vehicles that includes supportive city policies for electric cars as well as purchasing electric vehicles for the city's fleet.

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