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Mitchell 1

August 17, 2017 - Products

Mitchell 1 has released its latest version of ProDemand, which streamlines the display of ProView content to assist technicians by diagnosing multiple trouble codes.

The ProView troubleshooting tool allows technicians to see how different combinations of diagnostic trouble codes relate to failed components, providing an interactive back and forth relationship between the code and the components that cause or contribute to the setting of the code. Additionally, the ProView display has been updated to show codes and symptoms relative to components in two columns, allowing technicians to read them easier and understand the real-world relational data in the graph.

ProDemand’s latest edition also includes VIN engine character as part of the vehicle identification, helping auto repair technicians differentiate among different engines. This is useful in situations when the engine size is not visually obvious or when the OEM has two more engine types of the same size.

ProView is powered by real-world information based on more than 36 million real fixes from actual repair shops.

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