Trac-Grabber Traction Device


July 26, 2016 - Products

<p>PHOTO: Trac-Grabber</p>

The Trac-Grabber allows a driver to quickly and single-handedly get a vehicle unstuck from mud, sand, and snow using the vehicle’s own power.

The Trac-Grabber features a simple traction aid that quickly and easily attaches to the wheels of a vehicle, according to the manufacturer. With the Trac-Grabbers securely strapped to the wheels, the wheels simply spin to the point where the Trac-Grabbers engage, lift, grab, and move a vehicle back to stable terrain. 

Features of the Trac-Grabber Traction Device include: 

  • Securely attaches to the drive wheels. 
  • Uses the vehicle’s own power to “GET UNSTUCK”
  • Sold in sets of two Trac-Grabbers
  • Models: Car/ATV/UTV(msrp $49.99); Truck/SUV (msrp $59.99); Oversize XL (big off-road tires) (msrp $79.99)

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