Roadside Recovery Kit

Traction Jack

January 7, 2015 - Products

Traction Jack’s Roadside Recovery Kit is designed to help small to medium sized vehicles to get out of sand, snow, or mud. It is made of polycomposite material and can support any vehicle up to 10,000 pounds.  

The Roadside Recovery Kit comes in a standard and classic option.  The standard Roadside Recovery Kit costs $259.99. The standard kit includes two black polycomposite Traction Jack units and two leash ropes. The classic kit includes two orange and yellow polycomposite Traction Jack units and two leash ropes. This kit costs $274.00.

Both kits can be stored under your seat or in your trunk. The patented, removable center mechanisim is unique to other roadside assitance kits. The Traction Jack can be used for normal recoveries, high centered recoveries, as a jack support if using a hi-lift or regular jack on a soft surface, or as wheel blocks for hill parking and winching, as a briding device.

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