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As a fleet manager, you face the daily challenges of managing hundreds or even thousands of vehicles and serialized assets.

With fleet management solutions from AssetWorks, your organization can confidently manage these mission-critical assets throughout their life cycles.

No matter what database platform you rely on, AssetWorks offers a functionally robust fleet management software solution. Our innovative solutions help over 450 customers, with fleets ranging from 50 to 80,000 units, and manage over four million vehicle assets. With fleet management software from AssetWorks, your organization can increase vehicle utilization, warranty recovery, optimize parts inventory levels, lower maintenance costs, extend the useful life of assets, and improve labor productivity. AssetWorks is the only company to provide both a comprehensive fleet management software application and an Automated Fueling System, on one-database for REALTIME data validation

FleetFocus™ A revolutionary software application that combines modular design and comprehensive functionality in the industry’s first fully web-architected fleet management solution. Developed using Microsoft’s® Distributed Internet Applications (DNA) architecture and .NET® technology, FleetFocus™ is the most technologically advanced software application of its kind in the market. With its underlying XML-based architecture, FleetFocus™ supports virtually any thin client platform, putting vital fleet information at your fingertips -- anywhere and at any time.

FleetFocus™ tracks all functions related to the maintenance of equipment, including processing repair and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders, tracking operating expenses (e.g., fuel, oil, and licensing), and tracking and billing for equipment usage. Optional FleetFocus™ modules support motor pool reservations tracking, service level agreement (SLA) tracking, shop scheduling, replacement analysis, equipment planning, and AVL/GPS integration.

With FleetFocus™, your organization can reduce maintenance expenditures and inventory expenses, while simultaneously improving productivity, efficiency, and asset utilization.

For many years FleetFocus™ has provided fleet managers with greater insight into their day-to-day operations, as well as better analytical capabilities for strategic planning, personnel evaluation, program performance analysis, benchmarking, and outsourcing analysis.

FuelFocus: The FuelFocus system includes a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to manage consumable assets across your enterprise. FuelFocus processes the issue, receipt, and transfer of all fuel and fluid consumables, including commercially purchased fuel.

When integrated with FleetFocus™ line of fleet management solutions, data captured by FuelFocus (such as odometer readings and hour meters) can be validated against values stored in a single, centralized database. Integration brings a number of benefits, including:

Greater Efficiency — Because FuelFocus is integrated with your Fleet Management system, all pertinent information is maintained in a single database.

Accuracy and Consistency of Information — With a single data source, key information is always current (e.g., work orders, fuel transactions, motor pool tickets, and usage tickets.) The timeliness of preventive maintenance scheduling is improved, because hour-meter and odometer readings are processed and validated in a central database.

Greater Access to Information — Access to relevant fuel consumption data is available from any workstation on the system, and vehicle maintenance data is available at the FuelFocus Island Control Units (ICU's). Customization of the system will enable your organization to implement a centralized or decentralized fuel management system.

FuelFocus can help your organization:

  • Improve accountability for consumable assets
  • Lower overall fuel expenditures
  • Reduce "shrinkage" (waste and abuse) through automated fuel dispensing
  • Enhance safety through monitoring of fuel storage tanks and pumps
  • Address environmental concerns
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant data
  • Provide timely fuel consumption data

AssetWorks Implementation, Integration, and Support Services Include:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Project Management
  • Installation and Integration
  • Data Conversion
  • Training Services
  • Customer Support Services, including “Help Desk” assistance by telephone, e-mail, and facsimile, comprehensive user documentation, regular product updates, Customer Support Website, and annual users’ conferences

FleetFocus™ Clients include industry leading fleets including municipalities, counties, state government, public and private utility fleets, transit systems, federal government fleets, universities, airline ground service and commercial and private fleets.

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