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Veriflo XF70 Fast Fill CNG Dispenser

Parker Hannifin Corp.

May 7, 2015 - Products

The XF70 Fast Fill Commercial and Fleet Dispenser from Parker Hannifin's Veriflo division is a compressed natural gas fueling dispenser for CNG fleets. The dispenser is designed for faster fueling, better durability and safety.

The XF70 works with high-flow, high-cycle CNG applications and has a 4:1 safety factor on its pressure-rated metal parts. It uses ball-valve technology, which increases flow across the filling cycle and reduces fill time. The ball valve also lowers the potential of blockage from particulates and eliminates freeze-up due to moisture during winter.

The dispenser is for private industrial, commercial and fleet customers with a range of CNG vehicles including delivery and day-cab trucks, cement trucks, and refuse vehicles. The XF70 also has internet-enabled features offering plug-and-play remote diagnostics and maintenance.

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