ST 1130 Mobile Column Lift


January 17, 2017 - Products

<p><em>A set of four ST 1130 mobile column lifts has a capacity of 116,000 pounds.&nbsp;(Photo courtesy of Stertil-Koni)</em></p>

Stertil-Koni introduced the ST 1130 mobile column lift – featuring a lifting capacity of 29,000 pounds per column and 116,000 pounds for a set of four.

Features include: 

  • The ST 1130, without any reduction sleeves, is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 79 to 88 inches.
  • With one reduction sleeves is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 67 to 80 inches.
  • With two reduction sleeves is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 55 to 67 inches.

With these specs and a fork length on the column of 25.5 inches, the ST 1130 is designed to lift unique container handling vehicles and more.

In addition, the lifts are wireless with no interconnecting communication cables required and can be easily relocated in a maintenance facility by a single operator by means of retractable wheels, according to the manufacturer.

The ST 1130 model also features as standard:

  • Overload protection.
  • A dedicated mechanical locking system.
  • A fully automatic synchronization system.

The ST 1130 model also features a Multi Master System, equipped with a control box on each individual column.This allows lifting columns to be operated individually, in pairs, or as a complete set with the touch of a single button. All columns are interchangeable, so they can be used at multiple locations.

In addition, the new Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts require no external power source to operate and communicate wirelessly for high reliability with no cross-channel interference. They are powered by standard deep cycle batteries, which typically last up to two weeks prior to recharging, according to the company.

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