TP-9367 Marksman II Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool


May 14, 2012 - Products

The new TP-9367 Marksman II ultrasonic diagnostic tool from Tracerline is designed to allow service technicians to hear sounds that signify problems such as tire leaks, air brake leaks, compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, and EVAP system leaks by making normally inaudible sounds audible.

The Marksman II uses an ultrasonic receiver that makes inaudible sound audible using heterodyne circuitry. Sound Signature Technology fine-tunes the audible sound into the natural sound emitted by the leak itself.

The device features a solid contact probe that allows a technician to pinpoint wear or damage to internal components without disassembly. An Internal Noise Control (INC) system also allows the device to filter out ambient noise.

A 5-LED signal-intensity indicator and audible alarm pinpoint the exact problem source. Tracer says the Marksman II is so sensitive that it can detect leaks from orifices as small as 0.004 inch (0.1 mm) at 5.0 psi (34 kPa), from a distance of 12 inches (30 cm).

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