15W40 Diesel Motor Oil

Green Oil

December 10, 2009 - Products

ANAHEIM, CA - Green Oil introduces synthetic heavy duty 15W40 diesel motor oil available in 5 quart jugs paralleling the launch of an innovative bottle recycling program that provides strong incentives for environmentally-minded customers.

The newly formulated premium-grade motor oil was engineered to adhere to industry standards such as Mac T-11, API CJ-4, Cummins 20081, Caterpillar ECF-3/ECF-2, and Volvo VDS-4. Green Oil's synthetic HDDO (heavy duty diesel oil) has both performance and environmental benefits over conventional motor oils. The performance-enhancing additive package blended into the oil can help reduce threats to a diesel motor such as engine deposits, oxidative thickening, corrosion through maintaining viscosity, maintaining shear stability, and physically suspending potentially harmful contaminants in the oil so that they exit the motor with each oil change. Because of its unique properties, Green Oil's HDDO diesel synthetic allows for extended drain cycles.

With a focus on developing a motor oil that would not only be of the highest quality, but also rewarding to its users, Green Oil has turned towards their target market for input. "We believe that our customers are smart people, they know what they want," says President of Green Oil, John Kirsch.

"When our team decided to launch a diesel synthetic, we wanted to offer a program that would work alongside the oil, which is how the idea of the bottle rebate program came about."

The company's bottle rebate program exclusively offers Green Oil customers who recycle three empty 5-quart containers of Green Oil a free 5-quart jug. Customers phone in to request a pre-paid box for shipping, then send back their clean, empty containers to Green Oil, who then cross-checks the sale and ships out a fresh 5-quart jug, free of charge.

Green Oil's diesel synthetic motor oil is now available online at


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