Vehicle Maintenance

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Learn the latest on fleet vehicle maintenance from our news entries and articles. We offer product updates, maintenance cost stories, and company profiles.

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<p>One theory for calculating labor rateis to separate rates by vehicle type&nbsp;to get a more accurate comparison.<em> Photo via iStock</em></p> Inside the Labor Rate Debate
Is your labor rate close to $50, or is it more than $100 an hour? Take a look at how fleets calculate their labor rates, why the range is so wide, and what to consider when comparing your labor rate.
<p>The Camden County fleet facility is used to maintain 123 vehicles and equipment, but this could change if the county administrator&rsquo;s plan to consolidate with neighboring public fleets goes through. <em>Photo courtesy of Camden County</em></p> Sharing Fleet Services with a Nearby Agency
The City of Kingsland (Ga.) assumed oversight of the Camden County fleet and its fleet employees — and that’s just the first stage of a plan to consolidate fleet services between the two agencies.
Ideas for Solving Common Problems in Fleet
If another fleet manager or a consultant reviewed your operation today, what would he or she say? Fleet professionals discuss common fleet deficiencies and how to fix them.
<p><em>Photo courtesy of Terex</em></p> Working in a Winter Wonderland
Working in winter weather may not be pleasant, but if your off-road equipment is ready to handle the situation, you’re a step ahead in the game.
<p>During the November 2014 snowstorm, the city enacted a driving ban so plows could get through<em>. Photo courtesy of City of Buffalo</em></p> Battling the Snowstorm in Buffalo
When Western New York saw six feet of snow dumped on the ground the week before Thanksgiving 2014, the City of Buffalo was ready to handle the mess with a fleet that was prepped and ready.

Maintenance News

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Fleet Safety Video Tip: Checking Tire Air Pressure
Here’s some tire preventive maintenance advice, provided by America’s Tire, you may want to pass along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.
<p><em>Photo courtesy of City of Orlando.</em></p> City of Orlando Gains Nine Hybrid Refuse Trucks
The City of Orlando has added nine hydraulic hybrid refuse trucks to its fleet, bringing the city’s total to 18 hybrids.
<p><em>File photo</em></p> What Keeps Technicians at Their Jobs?
Government Fleet is conducting a technician survey to ask technicians what keeps them at their jobs and discover ways fleet management can help retain experienced employees.
<p><strong><em>Photo of Chevrolet Silverado courtesy of General Motors.</em></strong></p> Chevrolet Silverado Design Simplifies Collision Repair
General Motors engineers incorporated several features that allow technicians to more efficiently repair collision damage.
<p><em>Chart courtesy of J.D. Power.</em></p> Recall Customer Satisfaction Increases
The percentage of dealer service visits relating to recalls reached 16 percent in 2015 for at least a six-year high, yet satisfaction among those customers is also rising, according to a J.D. Power study.
<p><strong>The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire named one of top Ultra-High Performance Tires. <em>Photo courtesy of Michelin</em></strong></p> Consumer Reports Names Top Tire Brands
Consumer Reports has named Michelin as the Best Tire Brand by its tire-testing team. The brands that performed the best after Michelin were Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli.
Refurbishing Fire Trucks Could Save City $2M
The City of Montgomery, Ala., Fire/Rescue Department expects to save more than $2 million by refurbishing two ladder trucks and three pumper trucks.
<p><em>Photo courtesy of GM.</em></p> Fleets Mostly Exempted From GM Powertrain Warranty Roll-Back
General Motors is rolling back the number of visits under its free maintenance program across the board for Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles for fleets amid a change to its powertrain warranty that mostly affects retail buyers.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Dealing With Potholes
This winter's extreme freeze-and-thaw cycles have created conditions for a nightmarish pothole season, but AAA offers some valuable advice on how to prevent pothole damage.
Ill. Villages Can't Obtain Insurance for Fleet
Two Illinois villages have been unable to obtain insurance for their fleet vehicles due to their trouble financial history and debts from civil judgments.


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Extended Life Engine Treatment Prolong Extended Life Engine Treatment is formulated with the company's Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, advanced technology that chemically bonds to metal surfaces in the engine and creates a protective layer that prevents metal-on-metal grinding. View more info
Wheel Wing Rotary Lift’s Wheel Wing car lift accessory helps technicians in removing wheels for tire rotations as well as brake and suspension work. The Wheel Wing tire hanger attaches to a two-post or in-ground lift’s swing arm. View more info
Quick Tread System Hunter’s Quick Tread drive over tread depth system uses point cloud technology to automatically measure the tread depth of each tire without a time loss View more info
Meaner Power Kleaner Fuel Injector Cleaner Howes’ Meaner Power Kleaner is a fuel injector cleaner designed to be safe and effective for use with all diesel and biodiesel blends. View more info
Skid Steer Loaders Terex's R260S and V350S are the latest skid steer loader models in the Generation 2 loader line. View more info

Research and Best Practices

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Fleet Maintenance Management System Best Practices

See how one fleet implemented a universal system to reduce operating costs, instill accountability, save time and increase efficiency.

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Managing Government Fleet Mandates: How Verizon Networkfleet Can Help to Exceed Your Fleet Optimization Goals
Today’s government fleet managers face a wide array of fleet management challenges. This eBook will show you how to optimize fleet performance and productivity in order to contend with shrinking budgets and meet or exceed government regulations on fleet size and emissions.