Vehicle Maintenance

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Learn the latest on fleet vehicle maintenance from our news entries and articles. We offer product updates, maintenance cost stories, and company profiles.

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<p>The City of Dublin, Ohio, upgraded its maintenance facility to allow technicians to safely work on CNG vehicles. <em>Photo courtesy of Marathon Corporation</em></p> Upgrading a Maintenance Facility for CNG
An often overlooked or misunderstood aspect of a compressed natural gas (CNG) project is the garage upgrade. When upgrading a facility, various codes and best practices need to be considered.
<p><em>Photo courtesy of iStock.</em></p> Saving Money by Taking Back Outsourced Work
The State of Utah’s Division of Fleet Operations has been able to cut costs by more than 19% by taking back what it once outsourced — maintenance management.
<p>The 2014 Hino 195H hybrid service truck utilizes hybrid electric drive technology to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% over that of a conventionally powered truck. <em>Photo courtesy of Sonoma County</em></p> Hybrid Service Truck Reduces Fuel Costs
The addition of a hybrid-electric field service truck helps the Sonoma County, Calif., fleet increase the number of field services while minimizing fuel consumption.
<p>A Draft Commander mobile pump testing trailer helps the San Bernardino Fire Department stay in compliance with its pump testing schedule.<em> Photo courtesy of San Bernardino County</em></p> How Is Your Fire Truck Pump Testing Program?
San Bernardino County, Calif., Fire Vehicle Services thought it was in compliance with fire pump testing guidelines. After an audit, the department realized it wasn’t — here’s what it did to correct the problem.
<p>Natural lighting sources and light-reflective floor and wall surfaces are some sustainable design features that help improve lighting at a maintenance facility.<em> Photo courtesy of MDG</em></p> 10 Features of Modern Fleet Facilities
From Wi-Fi to smart vehicle lifts and fluid distribution systems, modern fleet facilities have features that improve technicians’ work environments.


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<p>PHOTO: ROTARY LIFT</p> Four-Post Alignment Lifts Rotary Lift has updated its 14,000-pound capacity ARO14 alignment lift to service a wide range of cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans. View more info
DynoMax Ultra Flo Exhaust System The new DynoMax performance exhaust system is now available for 2015 Ford F-150 3.5L V-6/5.0L V-8 trucks. View more info
<p>PHOTO: SK Tools</p> SK X-Frame Wrench The all-new SK X-Frame wrench was launched at the 2014 SEMA Show, and provides mechanics with power and precision for manuevering in tight spaces. View more info
<p>PHOTO: Firestone Industrial Products</p> Rite-Rite Load Support Kits for Pickups Firestone Industrial Products Company introduces its newest Ride-Rite kits for the Ford F-150 and Ram 2500 that ease suspension fatigue through the use of air pressure. View more info
<p>PHOTO: Chicago Pneumatic</p> Cordless Tools for Vehicle Service Industry Chicago Pneumatic premiered its new range of cordless tools for the vehicle service industry. View more info

Research and Best Practices

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Fleet Maintenance Management System Best Practices

See how one fleet implemented a universal system to reduce operating costs, instill accountability, save time and increase efficiency.

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Managing Government Fleet Mandates: How Verizon Networkfleet Can Help to Exceed Your Fleet Optimization Goals
Today’s government fleet managers face a wide array of fleet management challenges. This eBook will show you how to optimize fleet performance and productivity in order to contend with shrinking budgets and meet or exceed government regulations on fleet size and emissions.