Photo courtesy of Detroit PD.


Detroit Officers Cite Safety Issues on Donated Vehicles

Safety concerns include prisoners being able to reach through the partition separating the front and back seat and improper seating that would cause safety issues if air bags detonated, Deadline Detroit reported.

LAPD showed its next-gen Ford Police Interceptors at the IACP Conference. Photo by Mark W. Clark.


LAPD Unveils Next-Gen Ford Police Interceptors

The Los Angeles Police Department showed off versions of Ford's Police Interceptor sedan and P.I. Utility at a police chiefs' conference in Philadelphia this week with an in-dash display that would de-clutter a patrol car's cockpit.


City of Muncie Investing in CNG With Police Car & Refuse Trucks

The City of Muncie, Ind., is beginning its conversion to a compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet with a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor and 12 refuse trucks being converted to run on CNG, The Star Press reported.

Photo courtesy of Chrysler.


Chrysler Updates 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service Vehicle

The 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service SUV comes standard with eight-speed transmission that Chrysler says will deliver up to a 15% improvement in fuel economy.

Photo of the 2013 model-year testing courtesy of MSP.


Michigan 2014 Motorcycle Testing Results Released

Michigan troopers tested seven motorcycles from the 2014 model-year. This year, the BMW F800 reached the top speed among the cycles, peaking at 139 mph.


City of Covington, Ga. Purchases Bi-fuel CNG Trucks & Expands Police Take-Home Program

The City of Covington, Ga. purchased five gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel Dodge Ram trucks at a steep discount after another city's purchase of the trucks fell through, according to


Iowa DOT Deploying Laptop-Disabling Equipment in Police Cars

The Iowa Department of Transportation is deploying a new technology that will disable motor vehicle enforcement officers' in-vehicle laptops when the vehicles reach 15 mph.

Photo courtesy of Chrysler


Michigan 2014 Patrol Vehicle Testing Results Released

Michigan troopers tested 15 four-wheel patrol vehicles from the 2014 model-year. They evaluate patrol vehicles using three basic tests — high-speed performance (acceleration and top speed), braking, and driving dynamics.


Indiana Review Says Gary PD Should Create Vehicle Purchasing Program, Replace Bald Tires

A report of the Gary (Ind.) Police Department recommended that the Gary PD create a vehicle purchase program, improve vehicle safety, and expand in-vehicle technology.


Armored Vehicles Joining Police Fleets

In the past month, police departments have been adding armored vehicles to their fleets. These are surplus vehicles from the military, usually obtained at little or no cost to the police departments.


Public Fleet Tracking And Telematics

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The addition of equipment on a vehicle not installed by the manufacturer.

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