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April 27, 2011 - Products

OEM Data Delivery (OEM DD), a developer of jobsite data management tools and telematics systems, has introduced a tool for seamlessly integrating location and usage data from the GPS tracking devices of all equipment manufacturers, the company stated.

Generally, fleet personnel had to access location and usage data one manufacturer at a time, one machine at a time. The OEM DD Unifier can manage all individual data connections and deliver them as a single connection that covers the entire fleet.

With its unified data pipeline, OEM Data Delivery makes adopting telematics simpler and more useful for more firms, the company stated. Unifier also allows the implementation of jobsite geo-fences for fuel and usage reporting. Fuel card data, AVL, and 3rd party GPS data can also be accommodated.

OEM DD said it has substantial experience integrating systems, including those from JD Edwards, SAP, Viewpoint, Oracle, and CGC, and can provide the professional services needed to manage the entire project.

The company said immediate benefits of Unifier installation include better, more useful information from existing telematics systems, and strategies to better manage fleet assets, logistics, and fuel use.

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