Telogis Microsite

Getting the insights you need to transform your business is easier with Telogis. Exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s largest vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

Exclusive Partnerships Our built-in solutions provide richer diagnostic data, maximized uptime and overall productivity - it’s so much more than GPS tracking and dots on a map.

Derive reports and dashboards from a deeper level of analytics that connect new and legacy vehicles, teams and equipment in the field.

By managing a mobile workforce with Telogis, companies can expect significant results* including:

  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 25% savings in fuel
  • 20% increase in vehicle utilization
  • 30% reduction in idle time
  • 10% reduction in total miles
  • 15% reduction in overtime
  • 20-30 min/day savings in labor costs, per driver
* "Benefits of Fleet Management Systems” Frost & Sullivan 2012