V-Series Wheel Alignment Systems

John Bean

August 10, 2017 - Products

The John Bean V-Series of wheel alignment systems are designed to help shops reduce alignment times and increase accuracy. With six options to choose from, the John Bean V-Series offers a wide array of options that can fit the need of any shop.

The V-Series includes:

  • V3400 – Offers mobility, precision, and ease-of-use for the unbeatable accuracy that high-volume alignment shops and OEM dealerships require.
  • V3300 – Provides fast and precise alignments. Its notification system gives the user beneficial data to help prevent mistakes.
  • V2400 – Combines OEM features, precision accuracy and user-friendly features with a conventional imaging aligner design to offer the most advanced alignment system available, according to John Bean.
  • V2300 – Offers advanced technology in the smallest and lightweight XD target system offered by John Bean to improve productivity for high-volume shops.
  • V2200 – Features an intuitive interface, easy-to-use software, and customizable workflows for advanced alignment service without the need for specialized techs.
  • V1200 – The compact design functions in shorter bay lengths with less space required in front of the lift.
  • V3450 – A portable, lightweight option that enables the user to run a quick check in under a minute inside the shop or on the service drive. It features AC400 wheel clamps that attach with a single fast-action adjustment knob and only make contact with the tire, eliminating the worry of damaging the rims.

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