XRS Plow for Skid Steers

Fisher Engineering

April 11, 2017 - Equipment

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Fisher</em></p>

Fisher Engineering’s XRS plow is designed specifically for skid steers and features a standard, brand new oscillating plow mount.

When angling the plow right or left, the plow automatically retracts the inside wing when full angled and then returns to the scoop position once straight. This offers increased efficiency and operator comfort, especially with heavy snow and large plowing areas.

The oscillating mount offers several key advantages to skid-steer operators. It features six degrees of side-to-side oscillation, improving scraping and cutting-edge wear. It also helps the plow adapt to uneven ground, reducing damage to the terrain and the plow.

The new mount allows the skid-steer loader bucket hydraulics to lift and lower the blade, improving operator performance.

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