BW 28 RH Pneumatic Tire Roller


April 4, 2017 - Equipment

<p><em>Photo courtesy of BOMAG</em></p>

The BOMAG BW 28 RH pneumatic tire roller features a 106-cubic-foot ballast compartment and efficient weight ballast changing system to boost wheel loads and improve compaction performance. This roller offers operating weights from 18,960 to 61,730 lbs. and a higher maximum wheel load than former models.

The roller’s flexible ballast system design features the option of adding concrete, steel, and/or underfloor weights plus water, dry sand, or wet sand to adapt machine weight to the application. With the ballast system, users can install four 1,653-lb. concrete weights, four 3,307-lb. steel weights, or two 1,543-lb. underfloor weights in minutes. The 106-cubic-foot ballast compartment accommodates up to 6,614 lbs. of water, 9,920 lbs. of dry sand, or 13,228 lbs. of wet sand to increase machine weight and wheel load.

Offering an 80.4-inch compaction width, the roller’s eight offsetting tires overlap by 1.3 inches to ensure consistent, full-width coverage on each pass. The BW 28 RH roller’s front axle boasts three-way pivoting to ensure even weight distribution across all tires, and the wheels’ kneading and flexing action seals the asphalt surface for optimum quality. Helping to improve asphalt quality, the machine’s asphalt temperature sensor lets the operator know that the roller is compacting the mat inside the correct temperature range. The optional tire inflation system varies tire pressure from 29 to 116 psi, giving operators an efficient way to ensure the right contact pressure.

This roller’s distinctive new front-end design significantly improves visibility to the outside tires and the tops of the tires, allowing the operator to compact next to obstructions and detect debris pick-up. To reduce material pick-up and improve surface quality, the BW 28 RH roller features a pressurized water system with one fully adjustable spray nozzle per tire to ensure full-width coverage of each tire.

The roller is powered by a 134-hp Deutz diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. Featuring ECOMODE load-dependent operation that automatically matches engine output to the application, this pneumatic roller offers up to 30% fuel savings over previous models. The roller also runs quieter.  The machine’s one-piece, tilt-up hood offers unhindered access to all engine service points from ground level, reducing maintenance time.

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