Tier 4 Final Compact Wheel Loaders


May 5, 2015 - Equipment

<p>Terex TL120 wheel loader <em>Photo courtesy of Terex</em></p>

Terex compact wheel loaders, ranging from 50 hp to 101 hp, are equipped with Tier 4 final Deutz engines. They can be used for general construction, earthmoving and agricultural work, and specialized tasks such as landscaping, utility, and municipal work. 

Four models make up the Terex Tier 4 final compact wheel loader family: The 50-hp TL65 unit offers bucket capacities from 0.65-1.31 cubic  yards, the 60-hp TL80 boasts bucket capacities of 1.05-1.57 cubic yards, the 74-hp TL100 has bucket capacities ranging from 1.31-2.03 cubic yards, and the 101-hp TL120 model provides bucket capacities from 1.57-2.36 cubic yards.

The articulated steering on Terex compact wheel loaders gives these machines an excellent turning ability, up to a 40-degree angle, as well as helps the loader bucket maintain movement toward the material even at full steering angle. This feature provides operators with increased flexibility when picking up or positioning loads. These loaders’ oscillating rear axle design, which means the operator always has the weight of the machine going in the same direction as the bucket, provides a 12-degree swing angle and keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground, which gives operators more ground pressure when pulling backwards while operating on uneven terrain.

Terex compact wheel loaders only use power where it is needed the most, resulting in responsive, operation with less fuel consumption. The closed-circuit hydrostatic drive provides a high power output per unit mass and has infinitely variable and step-less speed. In addition, up to 90% of the maximum torque is available at start-up. This type of transmission, provides economical output to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing power. Terex compact wheel loaders are also equipped with a variable-flow hydraulic system that allows operators to perform several work cycles, such as lifting the bucket without slowing down the machine, at once. Permanent all-wheel drive and an automatic limited slip differential in the front and rear axles for optimal traction when traveling and moving materials also come standard on the Terex units.

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