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June 25, 2014 - Equipment

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Bobcat</em></p>

Bobcat Company has two new flail mower attachments for Bobcat excavators for use in mowing or land clearing applications. The attachments can be used for cutting tall strands of thick grass, brush, vines, and small trees. They are is ideal for use in ditches, hillsides, utility right-of-ways, riverbanks, and hillsides upkeep as well as for maintenance of parks and recreational trails. The long reach and maneuverability of the excavators will allow them to cut vegetation in hard-to-reach places such as hillsides and riverbanks.

The Bobcat flail mowers are available in two sizes. The 30-inch flail mower is designed for use with Bobcat E32 and E35 excavators with hydraulic flows ranging from 12- to 20.7-gpm. The 40-inch model can be used with the E42, E45, E50, and E55 excavators with hydraulic flows ranging from 14- to 24.1-gpm.

QuickLook: Bobcat 30-inch Flail Mower

Weight: 660 lb. (288 kg)
Working Width: 30 in. (762 mm)
Overall Width: 50 in. (762 mm)
Cutting Capacity: 4 in. (102 mm)
Hydraulic Flow: 12-20.7 gpm (45-78.4 lpm)
Number of Knives: 27

QuickLook: Bobcat 40-inch Flail Mower

Weight: 805 lb. (365 kg)
Working Width: 40 in. (1016 mm)
Overall Width: 60 in. (1524 mm)
Cutting Capacity: 4 in. (102 mm)
Hydraulic Flow: 14-24.1 gpm (53-91.2 lpm)
Number of Knives: 36

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