Fleet FAQ? Public Fleet Tracking and Telematics

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Q. What mapping system does Expressfleet use?

Expressfleet uses 3D mapping technologies and built-in Garmin integration to... READ MORE

Q. We seasonally lease a third of our fleet. How easy is it to install or switch your devices to other vehicles?

Because the Expressfleet device is plugged into a vehicle’s OBD-II port and... READ MORE

Q. Can we be notified if a vehicle is speeding or a traffic issue arises?

Yes. Networkfleet’s fleet and mobile resource management solutions allow fleet managers to... READ MORE

Q. Can I access the platform on a mobile device?

Yes. With Networkfleet Manager, fleet managers can manage their agency’s fleet on the go through a smartphone or tablet with access to... READ MORE

Q: Can I monitor my fleet’s vehicles from my smartphone or tablet, and can I change individual vehicle settings?

A: Yes, Networkfleet mobile apps allow you to receive reminder alerts for vehicle maintenance. . . READ MORE

Q: Does the GPS show vehicle location as a “bread crumb trail”?

A: ExpressFleet features bread crumb trail tracking. This breadcrumb trail shows the location. . . READ MORE

Q: How does geofencing work?

A: A geofence is a virtual perimeter created around a real-world location, which limits . . . READ MORE

Q: How do you complete a fleet analysis for a Police Department?

A: A fleet analysis can be done in several ways. The first step is to take inventory of all your assets and where each is allocated... READ MORE

Q. How often do non-vehicle assets with monitoring equipment “ping” their locations?

A. Networkfleet’s Asset Guard tracks non-vehicle assets alongside fleet vehicles, and monitors how often they are moved. For assets that are moved frequently, the solution’s flexible configuration options... READ MORE

Q. Can telematics be used to monitor other pieces of equipment, such as non-vehicle equipment?

A. Fleets are comprised of not just vehicles. They often include an array of support equipment from landscaping to construction assets. Networkfleet’s Asset Guard allows you to protect and monitor.. READ MORE

Q. Is tracking always in real time with today’s telematics units or is it more of an overall review of the vehicles daily activities?

A. While not every telematics solution offers real-time tracking — providing a so-called “bread crumb” view at set intervals — this is becoming a commonplace feature that fleet managers rely on to monitor their vehicles... READ MORE

Q. Who installs the units?

A. It depends. An increasing number of units are being installed by OEMs at the factory, giving fleets the option to simply have its telematics provider “turn on” the system; other units are... READ MORE

Q. Can a smartphone or other mobile device be used to monitor vehicles?

A. Today’s telematics solutions typically are not tied to a PC. Fleet managers typically can check vehicle location and status from a smartphone or tablet. Verizon’s Expressfleet solution allows fleet managers... READ MORE

Q. What is the typical per-vehicle startup cost when it comes to adding telematics to my fleet?

A. While the exact amounts will vary due to fleet size, complexity, and other factors, generally fleets will see relatively short ROI on telematics system... READ MORE

Q. How long can I expect my vehicles to be down to complete the installation, and in general, what can I expect when it comes to installation as far as who has to install it?

A. On average, a vehicle should experience no downtime, since ExpressFleet plugs directly into the OBD II port. A specialized technician is not required to install it. Installation can be... READ MORE

Q. Can you discuss the pros and cons between passive and real-time GPS?

A. Passive GPS tracking doesn't track a vehicle in near real time. Instead, it stores information, which is then downloaded once the vehicle has been returned to the office... READ MORE

Q. When a system is dependent on wireless connectivity, what happens when you’re in an area with weak wireless Internet signals?

A. While data will continue to be captured, it won’t be transmitted to the software until the vehicle returns to an area with a strong signal. READ MORE

Q. When it comes to maintenance management, what features are typically available? Or will I need to integrate with a maintenance management program?

A. Maintenance management is often a part of a telematics solution, such as ExpressFleet. Fleet managers can set maintenance schedules and view vehicles' health status... READ MORE

Q. For safety, how does the system know what the posted speed limit is in a given area?

A. A GPS system correlates the location of the vehicle with the posted speed listed on map data, triggering an alert if the vehicle is exceeding the posted speed limit while... READ MORE

Q. With the various alerts, how much flexibility do I have on who gets what alerts, how often and when? Can you change alerts by vehicle?

A. You can set up alerts to allow anyone in the organization or any stakeholder who wants or needs to see them. The frequency and the types of alerts are fully in the hands of the fleet manager... READ MORE

Q. When it comes to vehicle location tracking, is it possible to overlay other map data?

A. Yes. This is how geofencing can be used to powerfully curate and categorize job sites, allowing the realization of where drivers and vehicles ... READ MORE


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Amin Amini

Midwest Area Sales Manager, Public Sector

As the Midwest Area Sales Manager, Amin is responsible for city, county, and state entities across 15 states. He has 15 years of experience in the telecom industry and has been with Verizon for 9.5 years.


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