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March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Sharing Fleet Services with a Nearby Agency

The Camden County fleet facility is used to maintain 123 vehicles and equipment, but this could change if the county administrator’s plan to consolidate with neighboring public fleets goes through. Photo courtesy of Camden County

By Thi Dao

The City of Kingsland (Ga.) assumed oversight of the Camden County fleet and its fleet employees — and that’s just the first stage of a plan to consolidate fleet services between the two agencies.

Tags: Outsourcing, Cooperative Agreement, Parts and Service, SPLOST funding

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Answer These 9 Questions Before Implementing Propane Autogas

Photo courtesy of PERC

By Shelley Mika

Taking time to learn the ins and outs of propane autogas up front can boost your odds for a successful program later.

Tags: PERC, Propane Autogas, Propane Conversion

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Trends in Refuse Truck Technology

The Heil Odyssey Freedom front loader has a low body weight, which allows it to haul more trash, according to the company. Photo courtesy of Heil

By Shelley Mika

Between lighter, quieter trucks, front-loading models, and cutting-edge fuel choices, refuse trucks are better than ever.

Tags: Hydraulic Hybrid, Natural Gas Vehicles, Parker Hannifin, Renewable Natural Gas, Refuse Fleets, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Ideas for Solving Common Problems in Fleet

By Thi Dao

If another fleet manager or a consultant reviewed your operation today, what would he or she say? Fleet professionals discuss common fleet deficiencies and how to fix them.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Vehicle Replacement, Fleet Management Software, Fleet Facility, Competition, Fleet Improvement, Consultants

February 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

How to Deploy Planes for Law Enforcement

Photo of Beechcraft Baron ISR-A2A courtesy of Beechcraft.

By Melanie Basich

Fixed-wing aircraft don't get as much attention as helicopters, but they're the preferred aerial vehicles for many law enforcement missions.

Tags: Police Fleets, Aircraft

February 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Bullet-Proofing an Officer's Rolling Office

Photo courtesy of International Armoring.

By David Griffith

A Utah police survivor is leading a campaign to make sure no other officer is killed in the same manner as her husband.

Tags: Police Fleets, Utah, Armored Vehicles

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Photo courtesy of Terex

By Stephane Babcock

Working in winter weather may not be pleasant, but if your off-road equipment is ready to handle the situation, you’re a step ahead in the game.

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Public Fleets Become Cooperative to Save on Parts

Photo courtesy of City of Moline

By Daryl Lubinsky

Fleets are obtaining substantial discounts on tires, filters, wiper blades, and various additional parts through cooperative purchasing.

Tags: City of Little Rock, Parts Management, Cooperative Procurement, HGAC

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Refurbishing Equipment: The Ultimate Recycling Program

Palm Beach County (Fla.) Apparatus Committee members stand in front of two of the Fire Department’s rescue trucks. Photo courtesy of PBCFR.

By Tim Calhoun, CAFM

By remounting a refurbished rescue truck body to a new chassis, Palm Beach County (Fla.) Fire and Rescue Department saved about $75,000 over purchasing a new truck.

Tags: Ambulances, First Responders, Refurbished Vehicles, County Fleets

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Going Big: SUVs for Patrol

Photo courtesy of Ford

By David Griffith

Because police operations now require much more equipment, many law enforcement agencies have decided the pursuit SUV is the ideal patrol vehicle.

Tags: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Police Interceptor

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Battling the Snowstorm in Buffalo

During the November 2014 snowstorm, the city enacted a driving ban so plows could get through. Photo courtesy of City of Buffalo

By Stephane Babcock

When Western New York saw six feet of snow dumped on the ground the week before Thanksgiving 2014, the City of Buffalo was ready to handle the mess with a fleet that was prepped and ready.

Tags: Snow Removal, Snow Plow, City Fleets

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Is Technical Experience Necessary for Fleet Managers?

Photo via Flickr/Seattle Municipal Archives.

By Thi Dao

Despite not having technical backgrounds, fleet managers with administrative experience bring a variety of advantages to their departments.

Tags: Training, Continuing Education, Seattle, Colleges and Universities

January 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Fleet Vehicles Go Higher Tech

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV comes standard with rearview camera, rear park assist, Bluetooth, OnStar, and Wi-Fi. Photo courtesy of GM

By Thi Dao

As new in-car technologies trickle into public fleets, they’re changing the way fleet managers handle purchasing, maintenance, and driver training.

Tags: Technology, Chrysler, Oregon, City of Beverly Hills, Ford, General Motors, County Fleets

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Kubota: Not Just a Tractor Company

Todd Stucke, Kubota vice president, agriculture and turf division, said the company added three product marketing directors to guide product development and support. Photo courtesy of Kubota

By Thi Dao

Ninety-two new products, the expansion of its construction equipment lineup, and organizational changes to improve product support are just some of the changes Kubota Tractor Corporation is making in an effort to expand its market share.

Tags: Kubota, Construction Fleets, Mowers

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Upgrading a Maintenance Facility for CNG

The City of Dublin, Ohio, upgraded its maintenance facility to allow technicians to safely work on CNG vehicles. Photo courtesy of Marathon Corporation

By Rob Adams

An often overlooked or misunderstood aspect of a compressed natural gas (CNG) project is the garage upgrade. When upgrading a facility, various codes and best practices need to be considered.

Tags: Fleet Facility, CNG Conversions, Technicians

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Saving Money by Taking Back Outsourced Work

Photo courtesy of iStock.

By Stephane Babcock

The State of Utah’s Division of Fleet Operations has been able to cut costs by more than 19% by taking back what it once outsourced — maintenance management.

Tags: Maintenance, Outsourcing, Utah

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Hybrid Service Truck Reduces Fuel Costs

The 2014 Hino 195H hybrid service truck utilizes hybrid electric drive technology to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% over that of a conventionally powered truck. Photo courtesy of Sonoma County

By Staff

The addition of a hybrid-electric field service truck helps the Sonoma County, Calif., fleet increase the number of field services while minimizing fuel consumption.

Tags: Sonoma County, Hybrid Trucks, Service Fleets

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

How Is Your Fire Truck Pump Testing Program?

A Draft Commander mobile pump testing trailer helps the San Bernardino Fire Department stay in compliance with its pump testing schedule. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino County

By Brent Wahl, CAFM

San Bernardino County, Calif., Fire Vehicle Services thought it was in compliance with fire pump testing guidelines. After an audit, the department realized it wasn’t — here’s what it did to correct the problem.

Tags: Fire Equipment, County of San Bernardino, Fire Pump Testing

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Do Anti-Idling Technologies Work?

Photo courtesy of iStock

By Shelley Mika

Four fleets share their experiences with anti-idling devices on patrol cars and trucks — and their plans for the future.

Tags: City of Columbus, Idle Reduction, Reducing Fuel Costs, Clark Public Utilities, North Carolina DOT

November 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

10 Features of Modern Fleet Facilities

Natural lighting sources and light-reflective floor and wall surfaces are some sustainable design features that help improve lighting at a maintenance facility. Photo courtesy of MDG

By Thi Dao

From Wi-Fi to smart vehicle lifts and fluid distribution systems, modern fleet facilities have features that improve technicians’ work environments.

Tags: Montgomery County, Fleet Facility, Technician

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Keeping Up With Off-Road Training

While online training has its benefits for experienced technicians that need either a refresher or a look at a manufacturer's updated products, it will never replace the need for hands-on training both in the classroom and at the shop. Photo via

By Stephane Babcock

While the basics are as fundamental of the tools they use, technicians need to continuously train to keep ahead of the technological curve, at work, at home and anywhere they can connect.

Tags: Technician Training, Continuing Education, Online Training, ASE, Heavy Equipment

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Report Your Way to Improved Productivity

Photo courtesy of

By Shelley Mika

Whether you're managing the shop, equipment, or the budget, fleet reports can help identify efficiencies and make your job easier in the meantime.

Tags: Fleet Budget, Operating Costs, Managing the Shop, How-to Guides, City Fleets, Productivity

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Portland Fleet Certification Makes it the Service Provider of Choice

At a fleet meeting, John Hunt, CPFP, the city’s fleet manager, awards Dan Adamson, a vehicle and equipment technician, with a Safety Recognition Award. Photo courtesy of the City of Portland.

By Kelsey Nolan

By making several adjustments over eight years, the City of Portland, Ore., was able to become a Certified Fleet Management Operation (CFMO), improve efficiency, and make the organization shine.

Tags: CFMO, Fleet Certification, City of Portland, GFMA

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Anaheim’s CFMO Certification Saves Taxpayer Money

The City of Anaheim, Calif., fleet became certified in June, becoming more efficient and reducing costs for taxpayers. Photo courtesy of the City of Anaheim.

By Kelsey Nolan

By becoming a Certified Fleet Management Operation (CFMO), the City of Anaheim, Calif., was able to create a motor pool and save $300,000 annually.

Tags: CFMO, City of Anaheim, GFMA, Fleet Certification

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Ram ProMaster City: An Option for Right-sizing

Photo by Vince Taroc.

By Staff

With eight different configurations for the newest and smallest Ram van offering, the 2015 ProMaster city can be used by agencies looking to right-size and reduce costs.

Tags: Ram ProMaster City, Compact Vans, 2015-MY, Class 1

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

A Case Study in CNG: What Not to Do

Taking the right steps when embarking on a CNG fleet project can lead to success and a return on investment. The site pictured here shows a well-designed fueling station.

By Anonymous Author

While CNG can be a cost-efficient alternative fuel, it's also an expensive investment that needs to be implemented correctly. Here, a fleet manager discusses lessons learned from mistakes made with a real CNG fleet implementation and the expensive results of the these mistakes.

Tags: Compressed Natural Gas, CNG Fueling Stations, Refuse Fleets, Natural Gas Vehicles

October 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

How to Streamline the Procurement Process

Arapahoe County has specific equipment needs for its sheriff’s vehicles, making it costly to buy patrol vehicles off the state contract. These vehicles were purchased off the country’s own contracts. Photo courtesy of Arapahoe County.

By Thi Dao

New tools and technologies have made fleet procurement faster and more streamlined. Fleet and procurement professionals discuss how their organizations have worked to improve fleet purchasing.

Tags: Procurement, National Joint Powers Alliance, National IPA, Outsourcing

September 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

2014 Vehicle and Equipment Inventory

More respondents siad their fleet size increased than those who said it decreased.

By Staff

More fleets reported an increase in their fleet sizes this year in comparison to 2013 survey results. Increases in service areas or programs have resulted in larger fleets for some, while right-sizing and selling off underutilized vehicles have resulted in fleet reduction for others.

Tags: Utilization, Trends, County Fleets

September 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

2014 Public Fleet Overview

More than half of all fleets responding to the survey are municipal fleets. The "other" category mainly consists of special districts.

By Staff

This overview provides information for nearly 200 public fleet survey respondents, including data about their customer departments, supervisors, outsourced services, and budget changes in the past year.

Tags: Fleet Profile

September 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

2014 Fleet Salaries and Retirement Plans

Thirty-five percent of repsondents reported no change to their salary from the prior year.

By Staff

The average fleet salary has increased from last year to $82,732. About one-third of survey respondents said they plan to retire in the next five years.

Tags: Retirement, Salary, Trends

September 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

13 Bright Ideas to Improve Your Fleet

A technician presents a class to his peers, solidifying his knowledge of the subject while teaching others the skills he learned during his training class. Photo courtesy of Tucson Fire Maintenance

By Thi Dao

This compilation of “bright ideas” focuses on single, simple ideas aimed to reduce costs, improve operations, improve customer service, and more. Fleet professionals explain how they executed their plan, the challenges they faced, and the results they’ve seen or expect to achieve.

Tags: Operating Costs, fleet procurement, Fleet Optimization, Fleet Improvement

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

10 Inducted Into Public Fleet Hall of Fame

By Staff

Government Fleet magazine's Public Fleet Hall of Fame award recognizes fleet leaders and pioneers who have significantly contributed to the profession.

Tags: Public Fleet Hall of Fame

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Lamerato's Rise to the Lifetime Achievement Award

By Thi Dao

Sam Lamerato was presented the 2014 Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the industry. Learn how the former fleet intern became one of the industry’s most respected fleet professionals.

Tags: City of Troy, Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Elite Fleets Work on Continuous Improvement

By Thi Dao

The Elite Fleets, No. 1 fleets from 2010-2013, continue to work on improving their operations and contributing to the industry.

Tags: City of Portland, Seattle, City of Culver City, City of Troy, Elite Fleets

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

GFX: The Public Fleet Manager's Conference in Review

Photo by Vince Taroc

By Staff

Taking place June 2-4 at the San Diego Convention Center June 2-4, the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) included plenty of networking opportunities, a choice of 15 breakout educational sessions, and an expo floor packed with new technologies, vehicles, and products.

Tags: GFX, Industry Events

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Recognizing the 2014 Leading Fleets

The Leading Fleets awards recipients are pictured here at GFX. Photo by Vince Taroc

By Staff

The Leading Fleets awards program recognizes 50 public sector fleet organizations for their leadership, efficiency, and vision for the future. The award, open to public fleets, encourages fleets to strive for excellence.

Tags: City of Santa Ana, Leading Fleets, Recognition

July 2014, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Calif. County Embraces Hybrids for Higher MPG

In addition to greening its vehicles, the county installed solar panels covering a portion of its lot, which was entirely paid for with a federal energy efficiency grant. Completed in 2011, the solar panels supply one-third of the fleet facility's electricity use.

By Thi Dao

In addition to a growing hybrid vehicle fleet, Riverside County's greening efforts in the past few years include a minimum average MPG threshold for vehicle purchases, a pilot of electric vehicles, and a proposal to use propane autogas as its next alternative fuel.

Tags: Riverside County, Nissan Leaf, Propane Autogas

July 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Winning the 2014 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award

Photo of Paul Condran by Vince Taroc.

By Grace Suizo

Paul Condran, fleet services manager for the City of Culver City, Calif., has had plenty to be proud of over his near 30-year career — including being named 2014 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

Tags: Fleet Manager of the Year, GFX, Awards, City of Culver City

July 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Inside the City of Mesa, Winner of the Leading Fleets Award

Photo courtesy of City of Mesa.

By Shelley Mika

The City of Mesa, Ariz., won the top spot in the 2014 Leading Fleets awards program. The award recognizes operations in the areas of fleet leadership, competitiveness and efficiency, planning for the future, and overcoming challenges.

Tags: GFX, Leading Fleets, Awards

June 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Tier 4 Vehicles to Trickle Into Off-Road Fleets

Fleet managers have not yet felt the full effects of the Tier 4 technology for off-road equipment but are preparing for them. ISTOCK Photo.

By Grace Suizo

While Tier 4 equipment is still new, fleets can get ready to incorporate them by training technicians for the new technology and budgeting for the higher cost.

Tags: Regulations, Fleet Budget, Replacement Cycles, Off-Road Vehicles, EPA, Diesel Engines, Emissions Reduction

June 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

How to Achieve ASE's Blue Seal of Excellence

All four fleet technicians at the Town of Castle Rock, Colo., are ASE-certified, helping the fleet earn the Blue Seal of Excellence. Photo courtesy of town of Castle Rock.

By Shelley Mika

The ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition is granted to repair shops that meet specific certification requirements. Learn how three fleets earned their Seal — and how your shop can, too.

Tags: ASE Blue Seal, Career Advancement, Technician Training, How-to Guides

June 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Designing a CNG Fueling Station

Pictured is a typical Marathon Corporation-­designed time-fill barricade. Photo courtesy of Marathon Corporation.

By Rob Adams

You’ve made the decision to transition to compressed natural gas (CNG) for your vehicle fleet — here’s your next step.

Tags: CNG Conversions, CNG Fueling Stations, CNG

June 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

3 Finalists Chosen for Fleet Manager of the Year Award

By Thi Dao

The Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award recognizes accomplishments and efficient operations.

Tags: County of San Bernardino, City of Culver City, Fleet Manager of the Year

June 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Words of Wisdom From Public Sector Fleet Managers

Photo courtesy of

By Thi Dao

Fleet veterans share funny stories, personal experiences, mistakes, advice, and what they wish they had known in their early fleet years.

Tags: Retirement, Career Advancement, How-to Guides, City Fleets, New York City

June 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Figuring Out Fuel Contracts

By Shelley Mika

Fuel contracts give fleets a guaranteed price over the duration of the contract. The result: easier budgeting, potential cost savings, reduced administrative time, and guaranteed supply. With careful consideration on the front end, fleets of all sizes can make fuel contracts work in their favor.

Tags: Fuel Contract, Cooperative Procurement, Fuel Costs

May 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

The State of Street Sweepers

Regenerative air sweepers, such as this Elgin Crosswind sweeper, are typically used in municipal applications on streets, parking lots, and alleyways. Photo courtesy of Elgin

By Shelley Mika

Street sweepers are evolving to meet user demand. From brooms to vacuums to air sweepers, fleet managers have more purchasing choices than ever before.

Tags: Street Sweepers, Elgin Industries, public works, Medium-Duty Trucks

May 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Staying on Track with Off-Road Regulations

OC Waste & Recycling in California held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Caterpillar D7E diesel-electric hybrid dozer. The machine helps the agency get ahead of state emissions regulations. Photos Courtesy of OC Waste & Recycling

By Shelley Mika

Off-road regulations can be difficult to navigate. Typically, compliance dates for federal standards vary by engine horsepower, but on the state level they can vary by fleet size, too.

Tags: CARB, Emissions Reduction, Heavy Equipment, Regulations, Diesel Engines, EPA, Grant Funding

May 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Success Stories in Online Vehicle Remarketing

Photos Courtesy of Ironplanet, Dakota County, Clermont County, and City of Statesville

By Thi Dao

More and more fleets are trying out new ways to remarket vehicles, seeking to reduce staff time and increase returns. Find out their success stories and why they chose to make the switch.

Tags: Online Auctions, City of Sacramento, County Fleets, Boston

May 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

A United Fleet: How NYC is Saving $415M in Fleet Costs

A Parks Department forestry log loader is pictured here in front of the Unisphere in Queens, New York. Photo courtesy of New York City.

By Thi Dao

The Fleet Federation, a group formed by New York City’s 10 departments with the largest fleets, banded together to implement shared services and other cost-savings measures under the direction of a new fleet chief.

Tags: New York City, fleet savings, Fuel Management system, Biodiesel, Fleet Consolidation, Shared Services Agreement

May 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Keep the Lines of Communication Open When Reducing Fleet Size

When it began its Fleet Forward program, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) had 16,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment. It has identified 4,000 vehicles to sell. Photo courtesy of Michael Amador/TXDOT

By Daryl Lubinsky

Fleets are conducting utilization studies to determine the right number of vehicles to use. To get buy-in from affected departments, they’re working to get employees and drivers to take ownership of the fleet reduction policy.

Tags: Fleet Reduction, County Fleets, Utilization, City of Bellevue, Texas DOT


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Thi Dao
When Are Policies Too Strict?

By Thi Dao
Before writing a policy that will last for years, determine whether it’s the best one. Would a typical employee follow the policy?

What Your Vehicles Say About Your Fleet

By Thi Dao

Managing a Police Fleet

How Chevrolet's Tahoe PPV Differs From its Retail Relative

By Michaela Kwoka-Coleman
For the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, tires are added to the vehicles that are capable of handling speeds of up to 134 mph and the brakes are adjusted to handle frequent stopping at high speeds.

Police Vehicles Pushed to the Limit in California

By Paul Clinton

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
Vehicle-to-What? — Evolving Vehicle Communication Technologies

By Facundo Tassara
Can vehicle collisions be avoided with vehicle-to-infrastructure or vehicle-to-vehicle technology? Several of the major OEMs think so and are spending billions of dollars a year working on the technology.

Streets of the Future Could Take Automatic Tire Readings

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Mike Antich
2018 Chevrolet Equinox Diesel

By Mike Antich
The Chevrolet Equinox adds a 1.6L four-cylinder turbo diesel to its lineup of engine choices for 2018. The fuel-efficient turbo diesel generates 137 hp and 240 lb.-ft. of torque mated to a six-speed automatic.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

By Paul Clinton

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Adapting to a Changing Tide

By Sherb Brown
Fleets are often the beta testers of the vehicle market. That shift away from compact sedans we saw in the fleet market a few years ago is playing out in real time in the retail market right now.

Keep Realistic Fleet Expectations

By Sherb Brown