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September 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

14 New Ideas For Fleet Improvement

An earlier shift allows technicians to finish preventive maintenance (PM) services before drivers start their shifts in the morning.

By Thi Dao

Small changes can sometimes make a big difference within fleet operations. Fleet professionals share the improvements they’ve made to their own fleets, the results, and how others can do the same.

Tags: Bright Ideas, Fleet Efficiency, Managing the Shop, Preventive Maintenance, SCR

September 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

2015 Salaries & Retirement Plans

Respondents to this year’s survey on average earn $84,694, which is 2.4% higher than last year’s reported average of $82,732.

By Staff

This year, 79% of respondents said they had received a salary increase, which is more than those who reported increases last year — this number has been rising since GF first began collecting this data in 2012.

Tags: Retirement, Fleet Manager, Salary

September 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

2015 Fleet Inventory and Age

Fleet professionals were asked how their fleet size had changed in the past year — more respondents reported an increase this year and slightly less reported a decrease; last year, 36% reported an increase, 14% a decrease, and 50% the same. The majority of those with decreased fleet sizes who stated the reason for the decrease said this was due to optimization or right-sizing initiatives.

By Staff

More fleets reported an increase in their total inventory than decreases, mostly due to added agency responsibilities. Refuse vehicles have the highest annual maintenance costs despite being relatively new vehicles.

Tags: Utilization, Trends, Industry Research

September 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

2015 Public Fleet Overview

This chart shows a profile of survey respondents and the public entities for which they work. The “other” category consists of special districts, transit agencies, fire divisions, and other uncategorized agencies.

By Staff

This overview delves into the operations of more than 200 fleets that responded to Government Fleet’s annual industry trends survey. Data includes outsourced services, budget changes, remarketing methods, and tool allowances.

Tags: Industry Research

August 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Cranes Help Lifeguards Reduce Rescue Times

Photo courtesy of Two Rivers Marketing.

By Eric Gandarilla

Workers in the trauma world operate in what they call the “golden hour.” If they can get a patient to a trauma center in an hour from the moment of the accident, then there is an 89% chance that patient will live.

Tags: Fire Equipment, Pierce Manufacturing, San Diego, Knuckle Boom, Cranes

August 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Making a Case for EVs in Fleets

Photo via Toyota

By Steven Martinez

Dave Head was the Sonoma County Fleet manager for 26 years but as an advocate for electric vehicles in fleets, he sees the new technology as a potential game changer, both for the environment and the bottom line.

Tags: Sonoma County, Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, Battery-Electric Vehicles, Fleet Technology Expo

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Highlights from GFX 2015

Photo by Gene Tewksbury

By Staff

In early June, more than 700 fleet professionals convened at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX). Find out more about the sessions and view photos here.

Tags: GFX

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

8 Hall of Fame Inductees Honored for 2015

Photo by Kimberly Pham

By Staff

Government Fleet magazine named its second class of Public Fleet Hall of Fame inductees this year, with eight fleet professionals added. The award recognizes fleet leaders who have significantly contributed to the profession.

Tags: Recognition, The Honors Celebration, Public Fleet Hall of Fame

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Martinez’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Martinez received the Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) on June 10. Photo by Gene Tewksbury

By Thi Dao

Robert Martinez was named 2015 Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Determination, a vision for a better work environment, and advanced calculus allowed the former NYPD auto service worker surpass his career goals.

Tags: Recognition, NYPD, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award

July 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Capabilities of In-Car Video for Police Vehicles

Photo courtesy of

By David Griffith

The features and capabilities of in-car video systems make them ideal for recording evidence of traffic stops and vehicle pursuits.

Tags: In-Car Video, Digital Ally, Safety

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Elite Fleets Strengthen Their Operations

By Thi Dao

The Elite Fleets, industry-leading former No. 1 fleets, are working on various projects to improve their operations.

Tags: Recognition, City of Portland, City of Culver City, City of Troy, Leading Fleets, Elite Fleets

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Recognizing the 2015 Leading Fleets

Many of the Leading Fleets award recipients are pictured here after The Honors Celebration at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) on June 10. Photo by Gene Tewksbury.

By Staff

The Leading Fleets program recognizes 50 public sector fleet organizations for their leadership, efficiency, and vision for the future. The award encourages fleets to strive for excellence.

Tags: Recognition, GFX, Leading Fleets

July 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Boise’s Restructuring & Rise to Become the No. 1 Fleet

The City of Boise takes pride in its education efforts; it is an ASE Blue Seal shop with 100% of technicians certified. Dennis Falconer, CPFP, vehicle maintenance division manager (far left) and Craig Croner, CPFP, administrative services manager (far right) oversee the fleet. Photo courtesy of City of Boise

By Brittni Rubin

The City of Boise, Idaho, took home the trophy for the No. 1 overall fleet among the Leading Fleets. Embracing education and innovative ideas, and measuring performance, helped the city fleet achieve this award.

Tags: No. 1 Fleet, Fleet Consolidation, Leading Fleets, City Fleets

July 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

How Griffiths Became the 2015 Fleet Manager of the Year

Photo by Gene Tewksbury

By Shelley Mika

Careful planning, teamwork, and a focus on quantifiable fleet improvements helped Bill Griffiths from Montgomery County, Md., obtain the 2015 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award.

Tags: Montgomery County, GFX, Fleet Manager of the Year, The Honors Celebration

June 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Off-Road Telematics Systems Offer Increased Value to Fleets

Image courtesy of Case.

By Daryl Lubinsky

Geo-fences and curfews are becoming more standard, but telematics systems on off-road equipment now show detail on what needs to be done before a technician arrives on the scene.

Tags: Vehicle Tracking, Off-Road Vehicles, AEMP

June 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

10 Tips for a Successful Open House

As part of the City of Dublin’s (Ohio) Citizens University, 20 residents were given a peek at city operations, including fleet services. Photo courtesy of City of Dublin.

By Thi Dao

A fleet open house is a great public relations tool not just with the public, but also with user departments. Here's how to make sure your open house is successful.

Tags: Customer Service, City of Dublin, City of Culver City, City of Troy, Open House

June 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Policies & Programs to Reduce Distracted Driving

The City of Tulsa (Okla.) encourages its employees to pull over before using a cell phone. Photo courtesy of City of Tulsa

By Brittni Rubin

Driver safety policies and programs can help reduce collisions, saving lives and public funds. Here’s how public agencies have created, implemented, and spread the word about driver safety policies.

Tags: Distracted Driving, Sonoma County, City of Tulsa, Mobile Awareness, Fleet Safety Program

June 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Fleets Find Savings in Fuel Price Fluctuations

The City of Norfolk, Va., owns two fueling stations and supplements fuel purchases at retail sites using a fuel card. Photo courtesy of City of Norfolk

By Grace Suizo

A drop in fuel prices beginning in July 2014 allowed some fleets to save money on fuel costs. Whether locking in lower prices or putting money back into the general fund, fleets were relieved about the short-term savings.

Tags: Fuel Prices, City Fleets

June 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

5 Questions with the Fleet Manager of the Year Finalists

(L-R) Brennan, Griffiths, Reagan

By Thi Dao

This year’s three finalists for the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award discuss their beginnings in fleet, what makes a good fleet manager, and the industry’s biggest challenges.

Tags: Recognition, Montgomery County, City of Columbus, Fleet Manager of the Year, The Honors Celebration, County Fleets

June 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

The Struggle to Find Good Technicians

Photo courtesy of

By Thi Dao

Finding qualified technicians is a challenge that’s only going to get worse. Here’s how to recruit the next generation of technicians and make sure your current employees stay happy.

Tags: Technician Training, Technicians, Staffing, Recruiting

May 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Mowers: More Comfortable, Efficient, Versatile — And Bigger

A flail deck attached to Jacobsen’s TurfCat discharges grass and debris down into the turf with double-edged blades. Photo courtesy of Jacobsen

By Daryl Lubnisky

Trends such as cooperative purchasing options and improved diagnostics are helping government fleet managers lower costs and improve operator safety.

Tags: Mower Attachment, Cooperative Procurement, Mowers

May 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

5 Steps for Staff Development

Staff development can include training for technical skills as well as management and supervisory skills. Photo via iStock.

By Steve Riley

A well-defined staff development plan can boost employee productivity and allows fleet managers to plan for retirements of seasoned employees and even to train their own replacements.

Tags: Staff Training, Technician Training

May 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

What to Expect at GFX 2015

Photo by Scott Dressler-Martin for Visit Denver

By Staff

The Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) is setting record-breaking attendance and provides unparalleled value for attendees.

Tags: GFX, GFX Road Show

May 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Utilization Studies Do More Than Right-Size Fleets

The Denver International Airport recently conducted a utilization study of its fleet, which consists of 1,700 units, including the one of the largest snow removal fleets in the nation. Photo for Ron Anderson for DIA

By Shelley Mika

Two approaches to utilization studies reveal surprising outcomes beyond cost savings.

Tags: Fleet Reduction, Utilization, County Fleets, Airports

May 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

8 Ways to Save Time in the Office

By Thi Dao

Better time management and job organization can help fleet managers work more effectively, which may get them home on time.

Tags: Time Management, Customer Service, Project Management, Delegating

May 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Remarketing ‘Green’ Vehicles

The City of Kansas City has had CNG vehicles in its fleet since 1996, and CNG units include light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Photo courtesy of City of Kansas City

By Thi Dao

While some types of “green” vehicles have been around for a while, newer technologies on vehicles make resale value difficult to estimate.

Tags: Flexco, GSA, Natural Gas Vehicles, GovDeals, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, CNG, Battery-Electric Vehicles

April 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

How to Work with Unions to Get GPS Fleet Tracking

Image courtesy of GPS Insight

By Ryan Driscoll

As government fleet managers are certainly aware, some unions are against the implementation of GPS fleet tracking software. Here's how you can position the technology to gain acceptance.

Tags: Driver Safety, GPS Insight, Labor Unions

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Inside the Labor Rate Debate

One theory for calculating labor rateis to separate rates by vehicle type to get a more accurate comparison. Photo via iStock

By Thi Dao

Is your labor rate close to $50, or is it more than $100 an hour? Take a look at how fleets calculate their labor rates, why the range is so wide, and what to consider when comparing your labor rate.

Tags: Outsourcing, Competition, Labor Rates

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Sharing Fleet Services with a Nearby Agency

The Camden County fleet facility is used to maintain 123 vehicles and equipment, but this could change if the county administrator’s plan to consolidate with neighboring public fleets goes through. Photo courtesy of Camden County

By Thi Dao

The City of Kingsland (Ga.) assumed oversight of the Camden County fleet and its fleet employees — and that’s just the first stage of a plan to consolidate fleet services between the two agencies.

Tags: Outsourcing, Cooperative Agreement, Parts and Service, SPLOST funding

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Answer These 9 Questions Before Implementing Propane Autogas

Photo courtesy of PERC

By Shelley Mika

Taking time to learn the ins and outs of propane autogas up front can boost your odds for a successful program later.

Tags: PERC, Propane Autogas, Propane Autogas Fuel Station, Propane Conversion

March 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Trends in Refuse Truck Technology

The Heil Odyssey Freedom front loader has a low body weight, which allows it to haul more trash, according to the company. Photo courtesy of Heil

By Shelley Mika

Between lighter, quieter trucks, front-loading models, and cutting-edge fuel choices, refuse trucks are better than ever.

Tags: Hydraulic Hybrid, Natural Gas Vehicles, Parker Hannifin, Renewable Natural Gas, Refuse Fleets, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Ideas for Solving Common Problems in Fleet

By Thi Dao

If another fleet manager or a consultant reviewed your operation today, what would he or she say? Fleet professionals discuss common fleet deficiencies and how to fix them.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Vehicle Replacement, Fleet Management Software, Fleet Facility, Competition, Fleet Improvement, Consultants

February 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

How to Deploy Planes for Law Enforcement

Photo of Beechcraft Baron ISR-A2A courtesy of Beechcraft.

By Melanie Basich

Fixed-wing aircraft don't get as much attention as helicopters, but they're the preferred aerial vehicles for many law enforcement missions.

Tags: Police Fleets, Aircraft

February 2015, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Bullet-Proofing an Officer's Rolling Office

Photo courtesy of International Armoring.

By David Griffith

A Utah police survivor is leading a campaign to make sure no other officer is killed in the same manner as her husband.

Tags: Police Fleets, Utah, Armored Vehicles

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Photo courtesy of Terex

By Stephane Babcock

Working in winter weather may not be pleasant, but if your off-road equipment is ready to handle the situation, you’re a step ahead in the game.

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Public Fleets Become Cooperative to Save on Parts

Photo courtesy of City of Moline

By Daryl Lubinsky

Fleets are obtaining substantial discounts on tires, filters, wiper blades, and various additional parts through cooperative purchasing.

Tags: City of Little Rock, Parts Management, Cooperative Procurement, HGAC

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Refurbishing Equipment: The Ultimate Recycling Program

Palm Beach County (Fla.) Apparatus Committee members stand in front of two of the Fire Department’s rescue trucks. Photo courtesy of PBCFR.

By Tim Calhoun, CAFM

By remounting a refurbished rescue truck body to a new chassis, Palm Beach County (Fla.) Fire and Rescue Department saved about $75,000 over purchasing a new truck.

Tags: Ambulances, First Responders, Refurbished Vehicles, County Fleets

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Going Big: SUVs for Patrol

Photo courtesy of Ford

By David Griffith

Because police operations now require much more equipment, many law enforcement agencies have decided the pursuit SUV is the ideal patrol vehicle.

Tags: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Police Interceptor

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Battling the Snowstorm in Buffalo

During the November 2014 snowstorm, the city enacted a driving ban so plows could get through. Photo courtesy of City of Buffalo

By Stephane Babcock

When Western New York saw six feet of snow dumped on the ground the week before Thanksgiving 2014, the City of Buffalo was ready to handle the mess with a fleet that was prepped and ready.

Tags: Snow Removal, Snow Plow, City Fleets

January 2015, Government Fleet - Feature

Is Technical Experience Necessary for Fleet Managers?

Photo via Flickr/Seattle Municipal Archives.

By Thi Dao

Despite not having technical backgrounds, fleet managers with administrative experience bring a variety of advantages to their departments.

Tags: Training, Continuing Education, Seattle, Colleges and Universities

January 2015, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Fleet Vehicles Go Higher Tech

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV comes standard with rearview camera, rear park assist, Bluetooth, OnStar, and Wi-Fi. Photo courtesy of GM

By Thi Dao

As new in-car technologies trickle into public fleets, they’re changing the way fleet managers handle purchasing, maintenance, and driver training.

Tags: Technology, Chrysler, Oregon, City of Beverly Hills, Ford, General Motors, County Fleets

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Kubota: Not Just a Tractor Company

Todd Stucke, Kubota vice president, agriculture and turf division, said the company added three product marketing directors to guide product development and support. Photo courtesy of Kubota

By Thi Dao

Ninety-two new products, the expansion of its construction equipment lineup, and organizational changes to improve product support are just some of the changes Kubota Tractor Corporation is making in an effort to expand its market share.

Tags: Kubota, Construction Fleets, Mowers

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Upgrading a Maintenance Facility for CNG

The City of Dublin, Ohio, upgraded its maintenance facility to allow technicians to safely work on CNG vehicles. Photo courtesy of Marathon Corporation

By Rob Adams

An often overlooked or misunderstood aspect of a compressed natural gas (CNG) project is the garage upgrade. When upgrading a facility, various codes and best practices need to be considered.

Tags: Fleet Facility, CNG Conversions, Technicians

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Saving Money by Taking Back Outsourced Work

Photo courtesy of iStock.

By Stephane Babcock

The State of Utah’s Division of Fleet Operations has been able to cut costs by more than 19% by taking back what it once outsourced — maintenance management.

Tags: Maintenance, Outsourcing, Utah

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Hybrid Service Truck Reduces Fuel Costs

The 2014 Hino 195H hybrid service truck utilizes hybrid electric drive technology to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% over that of a conventionally powered truck. Photo courtesy of Sonoma County

By Staff

The addition of a hybrid-electric field service truck helps the Sonoma County, Calif., fleet increase the number of field services while minimizing fuel consumption.

Tags: Sonoma County, Hybrid Trucks, Service Fleets

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

How Is Your Fire Truck Pump Testing Program?

A Draft Commander mobile pump testing trailer helps the San Bernardino Fire Department stay in compliance with its pump testing schedule. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino County

By Brent Wahl, CAFM

San Bernardino County, Calif., Fire Vehicle Services thought it was in compliance with fire pump testing guidelines. After an audit, the department realized it wasn’t — here’s what it did to correct the problem.

Tags: Fire Equipment, County of San Bernardino, Fire Pump Testing

November 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Do Anti-Idling Technologies Work?

Photo courtesy of iStock

By Shelley Mika

Four fleets share their experiences with anti-idling devices on patrol cars and trucks — and their plans for the future.

Tags: City of Columbus, Idle Reduction, Reducing Fuel Costs, Clark Public Utilities, North Carolina DOT

November 2014, Government Fleet - Cover Story

10 Features of Modern Fleet Facilities

Natural lighting sources and light-reflective floor and wall surfaces are some sustainable design features that help improve lighting at a maintenance facility. Photo courtesy of MDG

By Thi Dao

From Wi-Fi to smart vehicle lifts and fluid distribution systems, modern fleet facilities have features that improve technicians’ work environments.

Tags: Montgomery County, Fleet Facility, Technician

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Keeping Up With Off-Road Training

While online training has its benefits for experienced technicians that need either a refresher or a look at a manufacturer's updated products, it will never replace the need for hands-on training both in the classroom and at the shop. Photo via

By Stephane Babcock

While the basics are as fundamental of the tools they use, technicians need to continuously train to keep ahead of the technological curve, at work, at home and anywhere they can connect.

Tags: Technician Training, Continuing Education, Online Training, ASE, Heavy Equipment

October 2014, Government Fleet - Feature

Report Your Way to Improved Productivity

Photo courtesy of

By Shelley Mika

Whether you're managing the shop, equipment, or the budget, fleet reports can help identify efficiencies and make your job easier in the meantime.

Tags: Fleet Budget, Operating Costs, Managing the Shop, How-to Guides, City Fleets, Productivity


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Thi Dao
Are Your Drivers Safe?

By Thi Dao
It is probable that distracted drivers will not get caught and will not learn anything until something terrible happens. We know it, and they do too, so it continues happening.

Who Tells Your Story?

By Thi Dao

Managing a Police Fleet

Paul Clinton
Police Vehicles Pushed to the Limit in California

By Paul Clinton
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department conducted its annual evaluation of 2018-model-year police vehicles from Oct. 10 to 13. Agency deputies got behind the wheel of 13 four-wheel vehicles and five motorcycles for the testing.

2018 Police Motorcycles Tested in Michigan

By Paul Clinton

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
Improved Communication (There's an App for That)

By Facundo Tassara
Slack brings all of your communication together in a way that you can sort. Conversations, PDFs, and documents are all be archived and searchable.

Booster Fuels: Bringing the Gas Station to You

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Paul Clinton
2018 Volvo XC60

By Paul Clinton
The 2018 XC60 arrives as the mid-size sibling of the XC90 in a stylish update that includes a bevy of new safety features, infotainment tech, and a well laid-out cabin.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLS450 4MATIC

By Chris Brown

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Fair and Balanced

By Sherb Brown
The mainstream media may have sold out lock stock and barrel to the fringe elements but as a fleet decision maker you still have some tremendous resources that you can rely on.

New Faces in Safe Places

By Sherb Brown