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January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

The Role of GVWR and GCWR in Spec'ing Work Trucks

It is important to make sure the trucks you purchase are designed for their intended purposes. Photo: International Truck

By Bob Raybuck

Make sure the trucks you buy are designed for their intended purposes with properly specified GVWR and GCWR.

Tags: Driver Safety, NTEA, Work Truck Show, Spec'ing, Work Trucks, Gross Vehicle Weight

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

6 Innovations in Electric Vehicle Charging

Fleets in Oakland (Calif.), Pittsburgh, and New York City have installed Envision's solar-powered chargers. Photo courtesy of Envision Solar

By Thi Dao

The days of “dumb” electric vehicle (EV) chargers may soon be over. Here are six new or upcoming technologies that can change the way you charge your vehicles.

Tags: Alternative Fuels, EV Charging Stations

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

How to Start a Motor Pool

Fleets with a lot of vehicles but low utilization can set up motor pools reduce costs. Illustration: Getty Images

By Roselynne Reyes

One way fleets can reduce their vehicle count and expenses is to pool their vehicles for employees from multiple departments to use. But where do you start? Fleets share some tips to help get the ball rolling.

Tags: Motor Pools, Indiana University

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

Small Fleets' Biggest Challenges

At the City of La Verne, Calif., three mechanics are responsible for maintaining 160 pieces of equipment. Photo courtesy of City of La Verne

By Daryl Lubinsky

Small and large government fleets suffer many of the same headaches. But small fleets also have their unique challenges, including staffing issues.

Tags: Small Fleets

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Clean Fleets?

By Center for Sustainable Energy

How is your knowledge of fleet greening? Take this quiz, provided by the Center for Sustainable Energy.

Tags: Alternative Fuels

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

What to Include in a Driver Safety Policy

An effective driver safety policy can result in fewer speeding violations and collisions, less property damage, fewer losses, lowered insurance rates, and fewer workers' compensation claims. Photo: Getty Images

By Shelley Ernst

When a fleet is writing or updating a driver safety policy, these five can’t-miss categories can help start a policy off right.

Tags: Driver Safety, Safety, Fleet Policy

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

Lowering Government Fleet Costs with Ride Hailing

Photo: Getty Images

By Roselynne Reyes

For Washington D.C., limited space and high parking fees contribute to increasing fleet costs. A new ride-hailing program aims to solve these problems, help the environment, and even boost a struggling taxi industry.

Tags: District of Columbia, Ride Hailing

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

What Elected Officials and City Managers Want Fleets to Know

Fleet managers must answer to elected officials and organization leaders - those who've had those seats explain just what fleet employees should know. Photo: Getty Images

By Tariq Kamal

Experts in fleet management and municipal governance share advice for public-sector fleet managers who want to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships with their administrators.

Tags: Public Officials, Elected Leaders, Communication, Leadership, Fleet Budget, Procurement

January 2018, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Low-Budget Greening for Fleets and Maintenance Facilities

Reyna Ayala with the East Orange County (Calif.) Water District is one of the Ford Fusion plug-in vehicle’s most frequent users, helping increase utilization of the EV. Photo courtesy of EOCWD

By Thi Dao

From becoming a more environmentally friendly shop to increasing utilization and right-sizing vehicles, fleets can take a number of steps for a cleaner fleet and operation.

Tags: Alternative Fuels, Renewable Diesel, Maintenance Facilities, Recycling, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Utilization, Rightsizing, Biofuels

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

Toro Riding Trencher Now Available with Cab

The Toro RT1200 riding trencher, shown here without the cab, is geared for mid- to long-range trenching applications in utility work. Photo courtesy of Toro

By Staff

Toro introduced a cab assembly option for its RT1200 riding trencher, enhancing both operator safety and comfort. The trencher is commonly used in utility work.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Toro, Ride-On Trencher

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

How to Implement and Justify a Drone Program for Your Police Agency

Drones are useful for searches, reconnaisance, photographing crime scenes, and limited surveillance. Photo: Michael Hamann

By Michael Hamann

Unmanned aircraft can perform a variety of critical law enforcement missions; just make sure you have community support and federal permission.

Tags: Drones, Police

January 2018, Government Fleet - Feature

Ventrac Snow Vehicle Keeps Sidewalks Clear and Safe

The Ventrac SSV is designed with an arsenal of snow removal attachments and de-icing options. Photo courtesy of Ventrac

By Staff

The new Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is a skid-steer-style machine designed specifically for snow and ice removal on narrow sidewalks and park pathways.

Tags: Snow Removal, Ventrac

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Vacuum Excavator With Multiple Options

The Vactor HXX Paradigm vacuum excavator is now available in an air-only version. Photo courtesy of Vactor

By Staff

Vactor offers more configuration choices for its HXX Paradigm vacuum excavator, which is designed for safer digging around utilities.

Tags: Vactor, Vacuum Excavator

November 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Should Your Fleet Do Warranty Repairs?

When the City of Tulsa, Okla., started its warranty program, Ford worked with the fleet on training for its administrator and technicians. Pictured is Senior Master Technician Jeff Ostler. Photo courtesy of City of Tulsa

By Thi Dao

Fleets with warranty repair programs say they can reduce downtime, provide better customer service, and improve operational efficiency. Others say it’s not a good fit for their fleets. Where does your fleet fall?

Tags: Maintenance, Warranty, Salt Lake City, Snohomish County, Insourcing, Tulsa

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Catching Up on Fleet Vehicle Replacements

Due to the variety of public sector fleets, it can be difficult to set standards for replacements. Heavy-duty equipment, for example, cannot be measured against the same standard as sedans. Photo: Getty Images

By Roselynne Reyes

Eight years after the Great Recession, fleets across the country are still recovering. Fleet managers share how their teams got through it and obtained the necessary funding for replacements.

Tags: Vehicle Replacement, Procurement

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

How Fleets Manage Fuel During Emergencies

In Lakeland, Fla., east of Tampa, an agreement with a local fuel vendor ensures the city’s equipment, including this split gasoline/diesel tanker, get first priority during an emergency.Photo courtesy of City of Lakeland

By Tariq Kamal

When severe weather strikes, public sector fleet managers take a leading role in ensuring a continuous fuel supply for emergency vehicles.

Tags: Natural Disaster, Fuel

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Oakland's Fleet Looks to the Future

Fleet maintenance is managed across five shops and two parts rooms in two locations. Photo: Thi Dao

By Roselynne Reyes

The City of Oakland, Calif., Equipment Services Division is planning for the next big thing, embracing sustainability and building up its team despite limited resources.

Tags: Oakland

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Procurement & Fleet: Working Collaboratively Through Cooperative Contracting

Public agencies can use cooperative contracts to purchase their fleet vehicles. Photo: Getty Images

By Tammy Rimes

Cooperative procurement can help fleets acquire vehicles quicker, for less money, and for situations such as after natural disasters.

Tags: Procurement, Cooperative Procurement

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Emergency Response Boats: What to Know Before You Buy

The Collier County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office has found that standardizing boat engines with those of on-road vehicles makes maintenance easier. Photo courtesy of Collier County Sheriff

By Shelley Ernst

Marine units allow coastal emergency responders to extend their services to the water. Here’s what they look for when adding boats to their fleets.

Tags: Boats

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Compact Stump Grinder With Extra Bite

Bandit Industries’ Model ZT1844 track-mounted stump grinder is available with two Kohler engine options: 26 hp and 38 hp. Photo courtesy of Bandit

By Staff

Bandit’s Model ZT1844 delivers powerful stump grinding in a smaller package with easy-to-use controls.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Chevrolet Bolt EV Patrol Car Hits the Streets in Md.

Hyattsville Police unveiled its newest patrol car at local car shows during National Drive Electric Week in the Washington, D.C., area before being deployed in mid-September. Photo courtesy of Hyattsville Police Department

By Roselynne Reyes

Sgt. Richard Hartnett, technical services & electric vehicles project manager for the Hyattsville Police Department in Maryland, believes his agency has the first Chevrolet Bolt patrol vehicle in the country.

Tags: Alternative Fuels, Patrol Cars, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Police, Procurement

October 2017, Government Fleet - Editors Corner

Can Fleets Subscribe to a Vehicle?

By Chris Brown

For fleets, technology is enabling a more efficient way to use vehicles, increase utilization, and more precisely match the type of vehicle to usage.

Tags: Carsharing, Shared-Use Mobility, Cox Automotive, Fleet Forward Conference, Flexdrive

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Smarter, Semi- Automatic Excavator

The PC210LCi-11’s Intelligent Machine Control is based on Komatsu’s own sensor package, which includes stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders, an inertial measurement unit sensor, and global navigation satellite system antennas. Photo courtesy of Komatsu

By Staff

Komatsu’s second-generation PC210LCi excavator features Intelligent Machine Control for greater efficiency and ease of use.

Tags: Excavators, Komatsu

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Shield Your Eyes (and Headlights): Phoenix’s Fleet Weathers the Dust Storms

Phoenix is prone to dust storms, the most intense of which are known as “haboobs,” one of which struck the city on July 31, 2011. Photo: Alan Stark

By Tariq Kamal

Dust storms are a frequent nuisance and an occasional threat in Phoenix, where officials keep an eye on the weather for the city’s fleet drivers and vehicles.

Tags: Natural Disaster, Phoenix

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Telematics Implementation in the Federal Fleet

By Thi Dao

A 2015 executive order mandated that by March 2017, new federal fleet vehicle purchases would include telematics. Have federal agencies complied?

Tags: Telematics, AT&T, GPS Insight, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Fleet, Department of the Interior, Department of Veterans Affairs, WEX, BSM Technologies

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Harvey & Irma: The Fleet Impact

Photo: Getty Images

By Thi Dao & Roselynne Reyes

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the U.S. in late August and early September, wreaking havoc in Texas and Florida. Here’s the fleet impact from public agencies caught in the hurricanes’ paths.

Tags: Palm Beach County, Natural Disaster, Hurricanes, City of Tampa, Miami-Dade County, Houston, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

How Fleets Prepare for and Respond to Severe Weather

Photo: Getty Images

By Tariq Kamal

Municipal fleet managers prevail through harsh conditions by creating and faithfully executing plans to keep their drivers and vehicles safe and ready for action.

Tags: New Orleans, Natural Disaster, Weather, Emergency Planning, Fleet Policies

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Lighter, Safer, More Efficient: What’s New in Vehicle Upfitting?

When choosing the right upfitter, fleets should consider parts and service availability and local support from the vendor. Photo courtesy of Auto Truck Group

By Roselynne Reyes

As fleets get leaner and more versatile, their upfitting choices are evolving to meet new needs and keep up with the industry. We spoke to upfitting experts about what fleets should know.

Tags: Upfitting, Auto Truck Group, Snow Plow, Service Bodies, Aluminum, Ranger Design, Merchants Fleet Management, Van Shelving, Dump Bodies

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

How Effective Are Your Trucks’ Backup Cameras?

The Eugene Water & Electric Board tested the visibility of two dozen of its work trucks with backup cameras. Photo courtesy of EWEB

By Thi Dao

Fleets are already installing backup cameras on work trucks to improve safety. But with no guidelines to follow, do they actually provide the optimal field of view? One Oregon utility set out to fix this problem.

Tags: NTEA, Safety, EWEB, Backup Cameras

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Ford's F-150 Police Responder Offers Pursuit Performance

The F-150 Police Responder features best-in-class payload capacity and towing capacity. Photo courtesy of Ford

By Shelley Ernst

In July, Ford introduced the next model in its line of law enforcement vehicles, the F-150 Police Responder. The industry’s first police pursuit-rated pickup truck is built to provide law enforcement fleets improved performance in off-road and rural environments.

Tags: Pickup Trucks, Ford, Police, Ford F-150 Responder

October 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

DOTs Keep States Moving Through Snow & Ice

A fleet consultant determined that the ideal replacement time for the Utah DOT’s Class 8 snow removal trucks is nine years, down from 10.25 years. Photo courtesy of Utah DOT

By Barbara Bonansinga

Limited vehicle replacement budgets challenge state Departments of Transportation in their goal to keep their snow removal fleets in top shape.

Tags: Snow Removal, Snow Plow, Utah DOT, New Hampshire DOT, Missouri DOT

October 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Flailbot Mower Handles Steep Grades with Ease

The remote-controlled Flailbot from Bomford Turner is equally adept at mowing on steep and flat terrain. Photo courtesy of Bomford Turner

By Staff

The wirelessly operated track mower from Bomford Turner can take on the most difficult jobs on hilly terrain without compromising safety.

Tags: Mowers

September 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

‘Ghost’ Patrol Cars Lower Crash Rates

Photo courtesy of Salisbury Township Police Department

By Clayton Wong

Salisbury Township Police Department in Lehigh County, Pa., saw crash rates drop 30% after its first year of deploying ghost vehicles, which feature reflective graphics that are less visible in the daytime.

Tags: Vehicle Graphics, Police

September 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

2017 Benchmarking Statistics: Fleet Sizes, Budgets & Outsourcing

By Staff

Data from Government Fleet’s annual survey shows a continuing rise in the size of public fleets, and that fleets are working on catch-up replacements from the recession.

Tags: Government Fleet Magazine, Industry Research, Trends

September 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Bright Ideas to Improve Your Fleet

Photo: Getty Images

By Roselynne Reyes

Fleet managers from 11 agencies across the country share the ways they have increased efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction through small changes to their operation.

Tags: Bright Ideas

September 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

2017 Salary Statistics: Average Pay, Retirement, Succession Plans

By Staff

The average fleet salary has increased to $93,660, with most fleet managers reporting salaries between $70,001 and $120,000. Baby boomers make up nearly 60% of the fleet professionals surveyed.

Tags: Government Fleets, Industry Research, Salary Surveys

August 2017, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

A Curb-and-Gutter Machine for the Tightest Corners

Gomaco’s Commander IIIx slipform paver boasts extreme turning capabilities, making the machine suitable for a wide range of curb and gutter projects. Photo courtesy of Gomaco.

By Staff

Gomaco’s Commander III slipform paver now offers an Xtreme Package for tackling the most challenging parking lot projects.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Paver, Gomaco

July 2017, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

John Deere Backhoe Updates Simplify Operations

John Deere L-Series backhoes now offer precision mode, enhanced pilot controllers, two new rear quick coupler offerings, and a redesigned hydraulic thumb. Pictured is the 410L. Photo courtesy of John Deere.

By Staff

The John Deere L-Series backhoe lineup has received some valuable updates, including the introduction of precision mode, improved pilot controllers, two new rear coupler offerings, and a redesigned hydraulic thumb.

Tags: Caterpillar, Off-Road Vehicles, Loaders

July 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Closer Look at San Bernardino County’s Leading Fleet

San Bernardino County, Calif., fleet’s No. 1 Leading Fleet award represents the hard work of its entire operation. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino County

By Tariq Kamal

America’s largest county is the home of 2017’s No. 1 Leading Fleet. Learn more about the planning, technology, and training initiatives that pushed this fleet to the top spot.

Tags: Recognition, County of San Bernardino, Leading Fleets, Emergency Response

July 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Powered by the People: Ivers' Fleet Manager of the Year Win

Mary Joyce Ivers, CPFP, credits her fleet team and industry mentors for her success. Photo: Natalia King

By Shelley Ernst

The City of Ventura’s Mary Joyce Ivers was named the 2017 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

Tags: Recognition, Fleet Manager of the Year, The Honors Celebration

July 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Four Industry Veterans Inducted into Public Fleet Hall of Fame

By Staff

Government Fleet magazine named its fourth class of Public Fleet Hall of Fame inductees this year, with four fleet professionals added. The award recognizes those who have made a lasting contribution to the industry.

Tags: Recognition, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, The Honors Celebration

July 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Saltzgiver's Career of Fixing Fleets

Steven Saltzgiver has served in a variety of roles in his 40 years in fleet, from mechanic to fleet manager to his current role as a consultant. Photo: Natalia King

By Roselynne Reyes

Steven Saltzgiver received the 2017 Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award. He has worked with fleets as an operator, mechanic, and manager, and has used this expertise to help fleets all over the country.

Tags: Recognition, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award, The Honors Celebration

July 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Elite Fleets Continue to Lead the Industry

By Roselynne Reyes

This year’s Elite Fleets — composed of former No. 1 fleets — share the initiatives that keep them performing at a high level.

Tags: Recognition, Leading Fleets, The Honors Celebration, Elite Fleets

July 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Get to Know the 2017 Leading Fleets

The Leading Fleets and Notable Fleets awards recipients gathered for a photo at the Government Fleet Expo and Conference (GFX) on June 13. Photo: Natalia King

By Staff

The Leading Fleets program recognizes public sector fleet organizations for their leadership, efficiency, ability to overcome challenges, and vision for the future. Learn about the winning fleets and how they overcame their biggest challenges.

Tags: Recognition, Leading Fleets, The Honors Celebration

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Wash. State Expects BEVs to Reduce Fleet Costs

The State of Washington's Department of Enterprise Services analyzed the costs, challenges, and solutions associated with purchasing battery-electric vehicles. Photo courtesy of Washington DES

By Thi Dao

Do electric vehicles really cost less to own than gasoline and hybrid vehicles? The State of Washington thinks so — it spent nearly $4,000 less for a Chevrolet Bolt EV in comparison to a hybrid sedan.

Tags: Lifecycle Costs, Washington, Battery-Electric Vehicles, EV Charging Stations, Chevrolet Bolt EV

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Mass. State Police Boost Vehicle Visibility

Photo courtesy of Massachusetts State Police

By Roselynne Reyes

In an effort to improve officer safety, Massachusetts State Police adopted reflective vehicle graphics and more effective lighting.

Tags: Massachusetts, Light Bar, Vehicle Graphics, Safety, Police

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

GFX Exclusive: Get Answers to Your Fleet Questions with Paul Lauria

By Roselynne Reyes

Have a fleet question? Mercury Associates President Paul Lauria is answering them at GFX.

Tags: GFX, Mercury Associates

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Case's SV208D Single-Drum Vibratory Compactor

Superior centrifugal forces allow for higher lifts and deeper compaction depths completed in fewer passes, according to Case. Photo courtesy of Case

By Staff

The new Case SV208D single-drum vibratory compactor is designed for efficiency and superior climbing power.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Case Construction Equipment, Compactor

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Citation Solutions

Photo courtesy of Saltus Technologies

By Nancy Kirk

These products improve the ticketing experience through enhanced safety, comfort, and convenience.

Tags: Police Vehicle Accessories, Printer, Police

June 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Volvo’s PT125C Pneumatic Tire Roller

The PT125C’s two-speed hydrostatic transmission permits smooth directional changes between forward and reverse. Photo courtesy of Volvo Construction Equipment

By Staff

Volvo’s PT125C pneumatic tire roller delivers high-performance compaction and uniform smoothness for road projects.

Tags: Volvo, Off-Road Equipment, Equipment, Asphalt Roller



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Thi Dao
What Your Vehicles Say About Your Fleet

By Thi Dao
Your vehicles may paint a certain picture of the fleet and even the public agency. Is the picture a positive or a negative one?

Are Your Drivers Safe?

By Thi Dao

Managing a Police Fleet

How Chevrolet's Tahoe PPV Differs From its Retail Relative

By Michaela Kwoka-Coleman
For the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, tires are added to the vehicles that are capable of handling speeds of up to 134 mph and the brakes are adjusted to handle frequent stopping at high speeds.

Police Vehicles Pushed to the Limit in California

By Paul Clinton

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
Streets of the Future Could Take Automatic Tire Readings

By Facundo Tassara
WheelRight allows vehicles to drive through a specialized lane and captures tire pressure readings on all four tires while also providing tire tread depth within a few seconds and printed receipt.

Improved Communication (There's an App for That)

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Chris Brown
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

By Chris Brown
The Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is the least expensive model on the market to offer electric-only range, while offering spirited driving performance and plenty of standard features.

2018 Range Rover Velar First Edition

By Mike Antich

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Keep Realistic Fleet Expectations

By Sherb Brown
If you don’t stay on top of the latest developments in mobility, battery technology, autonomous vehicles, and telematics, you are subjecting yourself to the whims of senior management who may be making decisions based on the latest trendy news.

Fleet Management 2.0

By Sherb Brown